Friday, February 2, 2007

Life's Little Indulgences

Thot I deserved something after experiencing all that stress with little D and school, so I indulged in some of life's little luxuries this past week:

My all time favourite - a massage! Have not had one for a couple of weeks. Went to my regular masseue, and she patiently kneaded all those kinks outs. When she first started out, she mentioned that she could feel the tightness in my shoulders. I commented that previously I never felt pain when she massaged me, but I did this time round. She decided to do an acupressure massage. Slowly she managed to relax me until I snoozed. It was a good hour and a half, and then I was back to my routine of rushing around ferrying the kids.

My second little luxury this week was when I stumbled upon this shop called Gobi Dessert, which serves delectable cakes and pastries. All were miniature sizes, but looked nonetheless delicious! They are located at Katong Mall on the 3rd floor ( I decided to order 12 pieces of their creations, took them home, and slowly savoured them. As they were miniature in sizes, there was no guilt indulging!!

Looking forward to more of these little luxuries along life's way......

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