Friday, June 29, 2007

Now I understand....

Now I understand why all the old aunties always advise us to marry early and have kids early.

I started too late. I am on the verge of adding another candle to my birthday cake (the day is next week, but celebrations start this today! Yippee!!), i.e. on the verge of middle edge, on the verge of a mid-life crisis, suffering from symthoms of peri-menopause with mood swings, etc.…… and I still have to wake up at night for night feeds, change diapers, and run after the kids, nag them on their homework, teach them to read, teach them to write, teach them to colour within the lines! I just have no patience anymore!

Many a times I just feel tooo tired. Too tired to play with the kids, too tired to do fun activities with them, too tired to want to do anything, except to sit back for a nice massage, have a drink, go out with my friends, go shopping, and eh, … blog.

In our parents’ time, they were married by 25 and had 3 or more kids before they were 30. By the time they were mid 40s, they were enjoying their time – mahjong during weekends, shopping, cooking, etc. We are just starting too late. Kids at past 40? Never heard of previously!! But I did it (with Little D). Now I am paying the price.

Now, I am the "old auntie". When I meet young couples, I tell them not to be like me and have kids late. Have them early so that you can enjoy them more and be able to do the fun things with them while you still have the energy. Also, you will save money... no need for fertility doctors, IVF, etc. Also, you will not be old and grumpy like me, when I am with the kids.

A friend of mine who had her last child at 41 told me of an incident. She was looking for an enrichment class for her youngest child and when she walked into one such centre, the receptionist asked her: "Auntie, looking for class for your grand child?" She walked right out! No, they did not get her business. (mind you, she doesn't look that old, and is quite trendy). I sure hope it doesn't happen to me when the time comes when I am doing the same for Little D!!

So looks like it is a good thing to listen to the advise dished out by the old aunties. If I did, I would be semi-retired from child rearing by now! What do you think?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nose Bleeds

N has been having nose bleeds quite frequently since young, and it happened again this morning. I have read up on it and even consulted his pediatrician. His Doctor thinks that it is not a problem. He said that unless it happens, like everyday (!!?!!), he will not refer him to an ENT specialist.

However, I am concerned. Some of the sources that I have read said that it could be due to nose digging (which I am sure my son does with quite regularity), dryness or thin blood vessels. These will correct with time.

But for N, it doesn’t seem to be getting better. These nose bleeds seems to hit him at funny times. Like when he is sleeping!! He wakes up and his pillow and pajamas is all covered in blood. Or he could be in the middle of a chess game, and the blood just flows. And, I don’t think it is caused by nose digging; because I have seem him dig his nose (yucks!), and no nose bleeds follow.

My mother-in-law thinks that it is because he has not had enough water to drink. But I don’t think that is the reason as N, drinks quite a lot of water. At one stage, he was drinking so much that I was concerned and I mentioned it to his doctor, and his doctor suspected diabetes!! (But, thank God, it wasn’t.)

So, what should I do? Wait? Or seek a second opinion? Am I over-reacting? But it happens too frequently (at least once a week) and at odd times (eg whilst sleeping i.e. not when you would expect it to happen – like after a nose dig?)

Monday, June 25, 2007

A conversation with Little D

Little D has been throwing BIG, BIG tantrums lately. It usually comes at the going home time...going home from an outing, dinner, anything. I guess she doesnt want to go home...."lao hong so" as they call it in Hokkien...someone that loves gallavanting. She initiated this conversation the other day druing lunch after one such tantrum:

Little D: Mummy, sometimes D is a big girl, sometimes D is small girl.

Me: Yes, why?

Little D: When I cry, I am a small girl.

Me: why do you cry? Like just now, we had a fun time at sentosa right? Why do you have to cry when it is time to go home?

Little D : (Changing the subject) I like this lunch. I am big girl now. I am eating by myself.

Me:Yes, you are a big girl now. Big girls get to do lots of big girl things.

Little D: Sometimes KorKor is naughty boy too, mum.

Me: Yes. He is good boy too sometimes.

Little D: Mummy, D wants to be Big girl.

Me: OK, then dont throw tantrums and cry for no reason OK?

Little D: Ok Mummy. Thank you for buying chicken rice.

All's forgiven and forgotten. Sometimes I wonder if she really understands. She talks like a big girl alright, and shows signs of understanding everything. And inless than 10 mins, BIG tantrum again!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Toy Museum

Visited the toy musuems in both Singapore and Penang. Here's what I saw in both (sorry no photos allowed in singapore toy musuem).

In Penang - it is located just outside the Copthorne Orchid Hotel.
Admission Adult:RM20 Child RM10.
Size of the place is about the size of a studio apartment.
At the entrance a huge Ninja turtle (i think! not too familiar with toys, sorry). Inside, loads and loads of display shelves, but most of them contained small figurines with the odd large one. 3 whole display cabinets all wholy dedicated to Barbie. Lots of collector Barbie sets. Whole shelfs dedicated to spiderman, ultraman, Lilo and stitch, sesame street, Incredibles, Barney, etc. Basically all the toys here are toys which our kids current generation toys.The toys are displayed in quite a messy manner, they try to squeeze ina s much as they can on each shelf. A lot of it is also from the McDonalds collection, ie those freebies that come with the Happy Meals., Chicky meals, etc.

Little D in front of the Lilo & Stich collection

Little D in front of the Barney collection

In Singapore - Located at 26 Seah Street, across from the Raffles Hotel. (For the bakers, it is just a couple of doors away from Sun Lik trading, which sells lots of baking stuff, for the foodies, it is just next door to Bossy Chicken rice - worth a taste, coz their chicken rice is not so oily, tho it is abit more expensive compared to your normal chicken rice shops).
Size- a five story building, with 4 floors dedicated to toys, ground floor is the entrance and "gift" shop. Cafe is in the basement.
Admission rates: S$20 per adult, S$10 per child. Family packages are available, and you get discount if you have an NTUC link card or the Toys-R-Us card.
You start by taking the lift to the 5th floor and work your way down. Each floor is like the size of a bedroom. Toys come from more than 25 countries collected over 100 years.

Here all the toys are properly displayed (just like a musuem) and labelled. You will find wind-up toys, battery opoerated toys, etc. All are in mint collection and with their original boxes displayed alongside. there are whole shelves dedicted to toys covering the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, a big collection on the Beatles, Betty Boop, Rin tin tin, Davy crocket,robots, batman, teddy bears, 1st generation Mickey mouse and barbies(our kids may not even recognise it!!), etc. There are old wind-up toys of ice cream men selling their ice-cream from carts,men on trapeze, etc. On the 3rd floor, there is a huge "hop scotch" on the carpet which my kids enjoyed. Most of the toys would be from our parents generation (ie collection from before 1970s). Mostly toys way before our kids time.

So which musuem is better? Well, they featured different toys, toys from different generations. What you see in one, you wont find in the other. If you want to see the current generation toys, go to Penang. If you want to be nostalgic, then go to the Singapore one. I asked my kids which musuem they liked better. N, my son preferred the Penang one coz it had all the toys he could relate to, and also compare what he had with what they got. My daughter, S, preferred the Sinagapore one coz they had lots of toys which she had never seen before and she felt was more interesting. As for me: I felt they were both rip-offs for the price we paid to see them. both musuems can be coverred in less than an hour. But if I really had to choose, I would say I like the Signapore one better, coz it brought back memories,and I would rather see those that I cant find in the shops now. So, looks like you have to visit them both to decide for yourself.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Feeding my kids

My mother-in-law is away on vacation, so I am responsible for feeding my kids. She usually makes them a noodle soup (of some sort) for lunch as she reckons they enjoy something soupy and that it is easier for them to eat. My oldest daughter is getting a bit “sian” of her food, but because grandma is queen of the kitchen, she has no choice but to eat it. So this week, with Grandma on hols, I have decided to give them an alternative.

This week so far I have fed them:
Monday – Bee Tai Bak soup (low shi fun)
Tuesday – Macaroni and cheese
Wednesday – Fried rice with corned beef and corn – not the healthiest but at least they ate it!!

Mother-in-law will bend over backwards and takes orders for lunch. She will cook 3 different things for the 3 kids based on their request. As for me, too bad – it’s “take it or leave it”…and the funny thing is, my way seems to be working. Even little D is not so fussy these few days. She has been eating Mummy’s cooking, and I don’t even have to run and scream after her to eat. She even sits with everyone and has her meals!! (Must say, she is beginning to enjoy oats for breakfast, when breakfast for her is usually just a bottle of milk.)

Guess. When their “supporter” is away, they have no choice but to go with mum’s rules.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Holiday in Penang

Just got back from Penang. Spent 4 days there....i know it is kind of short, but it was as long as hubby could stay away from the office. Well, better a short break than not at all.

Our trip to penang was different from the regular tourist trips there. We did not visit gurney drive, and we did not go up penang hill. Then what did we do??

Well, we spent many hours at the beach. The only touristy thing we did was to do a short tour. We visited the tropical fruit farm, which was quite interesting....I did not know that dragon fruit came from a cactus plant. At the end of the tour of the fruit orchard, we were served a buffet of fruits, which were so sweet. I was impressed....until I saw one of the workers pouring sugar solution over another lot which they were going to serve!!! I felt cheated. We also visited a batik making factory, which the children enjoyed. But the best part for them was the visit to the Toy museum. There they "ooh'd and aah'd " over the toys there. They were busy taking stock of what they had and what they didn't. But they were really disappointed when they found out that there was no "gift" shop there. So, sorry...they could not buy those toys which they wanted...haha too bad.

The highlight of the trip for the children was the jet ski ride. They enjoyed zooming around on the jet skis. I really wanted them to try para-sailing, but they did not want for fear that they would be blown away. The only one that wanted to go para-sailing was Little D!! But alas, they would not take her, coz she was just too young....just 2 and a half!!

Tho' it was just a short trip and hubby worked the whole time we were there, it was a good break from our routine. Now it's back to the grindstone, and to prepare for school which opens in a few days time!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Eating healthyly.....

To all my friends who have been asking me if I have been keeping at my diet: Yes!! I am trying very hard to do so, and to reduce my cholesterol level. I try to have oatmeal at least two times a week – organic oatmeal – I add dried fruits and some honey to make it more palatable. I have increased my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. I try very hard to avoid the forbidden foods like – laksa, char kuay teow, kuay chap, even though these are my favourite. Whilst I was on holiday, I made sure I loaded up on fruits and salads at breakfast and dinner. I had seafood occasionally.

Just last evening, my mother-in-law made chilli king prawns – my favourite!! My daughter S, saw me eyeing the prawns and contemplating whether to eat it or not, and tried to help. She said :
"Mum, if shellfish increases your cholesterol, but eating fish is OK, then the problem is only with the shells. You can just eat the meat but leave out the shells and you will not be increasing your cholesterol."

What a genius! So I succumbed in the end. I ate just one prawn and devoured every bit of it – no shells.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Old friends

met up with my old buddies from school last week and we were reminiscing about the good old days. There are 3 of us left in the group now. There used to be 7. One (TP)just lost touch with us after our O levels as she was the only one that did not continue to JC. Then, another (T) got married and went to the US. The third (BL)worked in Singapore for awhile, then got married and is now living in the Isle of Man. Last year, Jn, migrated to Australia. Next Year, her twin sister Js will be moving to Australia too. That leaves just R and me. Our group is getting smaller and smaller. R mentioned that her husband may be posted to Shanghai. He had been offered the post a few times but had turned it down, but may not be able to do so forever,and!hoo!hoo!, I will be all alone here in Singapore. But girls, dont worry, we are friends for life. Girl friends are VERY IMPORTANT people. They are there to support you as well as share all your joy and sorrow. A GREAT bunch of girls. Cant wait to meet up and chitchat or gossip together. Value your girlfriends!