Monday, June 25, 2007

A conversation with Little D

Little D has been throwing BIG, BIG tantrums lately. It usually comes at the going home time...going home from an outing, dinner, anything. I guess she doesnt want to go home...."lao hong so" as they call it in Hokkien...someone that loves gallavanting. She initiated this conversation the other day druing lunch after one such tantrum:

Little D: Mummy, sometimes D is a big girl, sometimes D is small girl.

Me: Yes, why?

Little D: When I cry, I am a small girl.

Me: why do you cry? Like just now, we had a fun time at sentosa right? Why do you have to cry when it is time to go home?

Little D : (Changing the subject) I like this lunch. I am big girl now. I am eating by myself.

Me:Yes, you are a big girl now. Big girls get to do lots of big girl things.

Little D: Sometimes KorKor is naughty boy too, mum.

Me: Yes. He is good boy too sometimes.

Little D: Mummy, D wants to be Big girl.

Me: OK, then dont throw tantrums and cry for no reason OK?

Little D: Ok Mummy. Thank you for buying chicken rice.

All's forgiven and forgotten. Sometimes I wonder if she really understands. She talks like a big girl alright, and shows signs of understanding everything. And inless than 10 mins, BIG tantrum again!


Dr ve Thru said...

That's why they are call little children but she sure knows how to 'buy' your heart. (Boey lu eh sim).
She will definitely melt a lot of her boyfriends' heart in years to come. :)

NomadicMom said...

Kids forget FAST!!!!

stay-at-home mum said...

You are both so right!!

bp said...

D is so sweet! Love the pictures you posted of her at the toy museum!