Monday, June 18, 2007

Holiday in Penang

Just got back from Penang. Spent 4 days there....i know it is kind of short, but it was as long as hubby could stay away from the office. Well, better a short break than not at all.

Our trip to penang was different from the regular tourist trips there. We did not visit gurney drive, and we did not go up penang hill. Then what did we do??

Well, we spent many hours at the beach. The only touristy thing we did was to do a short tour. We visited the tropical fruit farm, which was quite interesting....I did not know that dragon fruit came from a cactus plant. At the end of the tour of the fruit orchard, we were served a buffet of fruits, which were so sweet. I was impressed....until I saw one of the workers pouring sugar solution over another lot which they were going to serve!!! I felt cheated. We also visited a batik making factory, which the children enjoyed. But the best part for them was the visit to the Toy museum. There they "ooh'd and aah'd " over the toys there. They were busy taking stock of what they had and what they didn't. But they were really disappointed when they found out that there was no "gift" shop there. So, sorry...they could not buy those toys which they wanted...haha too bad.

The highlight of the trip for the children was the jet ski ride. They enjoyed zooming around on the jet skis. I really wanted them to try para-sailing, but they did not want for fear that they would be blown away. The only one that wanted to go para-sailing was Little D!! But alas, they would not take her, coz she was just too young....just 2 and a half!!

Tho' it was just a short trip and hubby worked the whole time we were there, it was a good break from our routine. Now it's back to the grindstone, and to prepare for school which opens in a few days time!!


Jonzz said...

Hello! Saw your comment today and wondering who you were.

So you went to Penang as well. Interesting choice of activities.

Ah, dragon fruit farm. We have those here but I've never visited them. Can't imagine such thin stems supporting a big fruit

Jet skiing! Wow, I only did that once. Cost a bomb. But it's nice.

bp said...

What fun, and wow, you managed to cover so much in such a short time!

Happy easing back into schooldays, and have a wonderful 2nd half of the year! =)

eastcoastlife said...

ei... no photos.

I'm going to Penang next month. I hope to go Penang Hill and Gurney Drive, :)

I should stop by the Toy Museum and fruit farm too huh.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Jonzz
Thanks for popping by. Actually the cactus plant for the dragon fruit is quite thick (not the thin stems sort)... Yeah. Jet skiing is expensive, but since on hoiiday, must try, la.
Hi BP,
after all that fun and sleeping late, having to wake up early for school again is going to be tough.
Sorry no photos, I am bad at such things la. The toy musuem was quite small, just like the size of a studio apt. But kids enjoy it. Most of the toys are of the miniature version. We are visiting the Singapore toy museum today. Will let you know which is better.

mott said...

I saw that Toy Museum from outside..and really thought it was some big time con. Then again, I was rather reluctant in going in becoz my kids wud hv gone ga-ga over all of them.

Was it worthed it?

Dr ve Thru said...

Whenever we are in Malaysia, we must go to Penang cos it's my husband's fav place. A typical tourist like my hubs is happy just to read his papers on the chair by the beach or go for a walk along the beach.....that's actually a very touristy thing. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
Read my post on toy musuem to decide for yourself.

Hi Judy
Yes, we enjoy just sitting by the beach and doing nothing. But I felt compelled to do something with the kids, if not they dont learn anything about the place we visited, hence the short trip to the fruit farm, etc