Friday, June 15, 2007

Eating healthyly.....

To all my friends who have been asking me if I have been keeping at my diet: Yes!! I am trying very hard to do so, and to reduce my cholesterol level. I try to have oatmeal at least two times a week – organic oatmeal – I add dried fruits and some honey to make it more palatable. I have increased my intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. I try very hard to avoid the forbidden foods like – laksa, char kuay teow, kuay chap, even though these are my favourite. Whilst I was on holiday, I made sure I loaded up on fruits and salads at breakfast and dinner. I had seafood occasionally.

Just last evening, my mother-in-law made chilli king prawns – my favourite!! My daughter S, saw me eyeing the prawns and contemplating whether to eat it or not, and tried to help. She said :
"Mum, if shellfish increases your cholesterol, but eating fish is OK, then the problem is only with the shells. You can just eat the meat but leave out the shells and you will not be increasing your cholesterol."

What a genius! So I succumbed in the end. I ate just one prawn and devoured every bit of it – no shells.


bp said...

Clever girl, S!

Good mommy... for sticking to your new strict diet so well!

I'm sure with your perseverance, you'll see better results for your cholestrol soon! Jia you!!!

Dr ve Thru said...

How sweet of your daughter.
Trying to keep to a diet is not easy and I lift my hat off to those who persevere with it.

Firehorse said...

Oh she is such a sweetheart, I think eating it in moderation shud be okay. oatmeal actually does absorb the cholesterol, eat it more than twice a week especially a month before you check up if possible eat it everyday.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi BP, Judy & FH
Yes I am still working hard at reducing my cholesterol. I do indulge occasionally with the odd choc or char kuay teow!!!

mott said...

*applause* I really admire your discipline!

I'm doomed! My daily b/fast is some hawker food!

tigerfish said... funny!

You eat so healthily. I feel so guilty :(

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

eastcoastlife said...

Your daughter so sayang you wor.

I think it is ok to eat seafood once in a while lah, but I admire your determination. I think I need to be like you too. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Aiyoh, I not all that good la. If had been good from the start, would not have this problem in the first place. No choice now, my kids are all very young.

winniethepooh said...

Have you heard of psyllium husk, stay-at-home mum? If I'm not wrong, you can get it from Nature's Farm/GNC or some health store. Got a reading link for u :)


Sweetpea said...

u so good one. i will wallop all the prawns!