Thursday, June 21, 2007

Feeding my kids

My mother-in-law is away on vacation, so I am responsible for feeding my kids. She usually makes them a noodle soup (of some sort) for lunch as she reckons they enjoy something soupy and that it is easier for them to eat. My oldest daughter is getting a bit “sian” of her food, but because grandma is queen of the kitchen, she has no choice but to eat it. So this week, with Grandma on hols, I have decided to give them an alternative.

This week so far I have fed them:
Monday – Bee Tai Bak soup (low shi fun)
Tuesday – Macaroni and cheese
Wednesday – Fried rice with corned beef and corn – not the healthiest but at least they ate it!!

Mother-in-law will bend over backwards and takes orders for lunch. She will cook 3 different things for the 3 kids based on their request. As for me, too bad – it’s “take it or leave it”…and the funny thing is, my way seems to be working. Even little D is not so fussy these few days. She has been eating Mummy’s cooking, and I don’t even have to run and scream after her to eat. She even sits with everyone and has her meals!! (Must say, she is beginning to enjoy oats for breakfast, when breakfast for her is usually just a bottle of milk.)

Guess. When their “supporter” is away, they have no choice but to go with mum’s rules.


eastcoastlife said...

hahaha.... ain't it the same with my son. His two sets of grandparents are his supporters. They bend over to accommodate him all the time.

Funny my parents never treat us that way wor. Do our hearts go softer when we grow older? hmmmm .....

Waiting for your Singapore Toy Museum post. :)

bp said...

SAHM, I think it's also because your food must be really yummy! =)

Victor said...

Your children are so lucky to have 2 mums cooking for them - you and their Ah Ma. So they really shouldn't be too fussy about their food. After all, mum's cooking is always the best because it is always done with lots of love.

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, grandparents are real softies. Hubby complains that his dad was never there for him. Used to work from dawn to dusk. Now, at the drop of a hat he will attend his grandkids concerts, etc.

Dont think my cooking is all that great. Just that I have an iron fist (which may not always work).

Hi Victor
Thanks for dropping by. In fact, my kids are really, really fussy with their food. They complain when the pasta is not al dente (and that is a two year old complaining), or the meatballs are too hard, or the beef is overcooked etc.They wont eat when the helpers cook!!Thats why I have to do it. The problem is that their grandma is an excellent cook.

winniethepooh said...

My mom is also the 'take it or leave it' kind :) and she really meant it. If u dont eat, then its really go hungry..we learn not to play play with mom when she say 'take it or leave it'! hahaha

Dr ve Thru said...

Your kids love your food so no need to force them to eat or run after them or cook two or three different dishes to entice them. :)
Make sure grandma doesn't find out though. :))

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Judy,
I try to cook waht they like and dont get with grandma, so I guess no need to abdger them that much to eat.
HI W-t-Pooh
Guess if we are serious about this "that it or leave it attitude" the kids will start to tow the line!!

mott said...

Err...can share or not the recipes? my kids getting damn sienz of my cooking...buahahahahahahahaah!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mott
Sure, let me have your email, and I can share the recipes with you. Which one do you want?
You can email me at