Monday, March 31, 2008

Soccer Mania!

I am not sure when it exactly started or how it started. But about one month ago, he didnt know much. Suddenly he knows everything about it.

I am referring to my son N, and the English Soccer League. I am not sure what fuelled his interest, but suddenly, all the talk is about the Barclays Premier League!!

Now, every morning, as soon as his alarm rings, he jumps right out of bed, washes up and rushes down for breakfast. During breakfast, he will quiz his grandpa on the games that was played the past night, whilst he was asleep. Immediately after breakfast, (but before his sister is even down), he will turn on the TV and watch the highlights of the previous nights game on the Football Channel, before leaving for school. In the evenings, he will be fighting with me or hubby for the newspaper, so that he can read up on it. Even his sister is beginning to show some interest in the game, and now they know more than me about the players, games and score.

I must admit that when I was his age, I was really into soccer. Watching almost every Malaysia Cup game live with my dad at the National Stadium. We would travel occassionally for the away games as well. But I wasnt really into the English Premier League, but I would watch a couple of games, and knew the names of a few of the star players. Last evening, when the name Kevin Keegan was mentioned, I mentioned to N that he was one of the top players during my time. Now Keegan is the manager of one of the teams. Due to work and family demands, I eventually lost touch with soccer.

Seeing how interested he was in the game, I suggested that maybe he should watch some games live at the stadium. I mentioned that nothing could beat the excitement and thrill of watching a live game!! Of course, I was referring to the local S league games. He was really excited, and requested to go for the next game. He thought I was referring to the EPL and suggested the next Man U game!! He wants to go to Old Tratford! So do I!! But of course, that is not possible. When I told him it was the local games I was referring to, he was not interested at all. He called them boring.

Hubby said that local games would not interest him as he doesnt know any of the players. For the EPL, he seems to know all the teams, their players and the stats. He can remember who scored how many goals in which game, the final score for the games, who got sent off, the teams position on the tables, and when games were to be played. Amazing! How I wish, he had as much interest in his multiplication tables and could remember them as well!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Earth Hour is an initiative that aims to encourage people to be more aware of their energy usage which has been contributing to global warming. Started in 2007 by the Australians, it is now a Global event, whereby those participating will turn off all lights for an hour.

Earth Hour this year will be held on Saturday 29 March 2008 from 8 to 9pm. Sydney, Australia will be the first to kick off this global dimming with lights at all their landmarks such as Sydney Opera House, and Harbour Bridge being turned off during that time.

Please help by doing your part to combat climate change. It is just a small step, but if everyone does their bit, it can make a difference. So remember, lights out at 8pm!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sip ....ahhh!

My older kids drink milk only at breakfast. I find it sooooo difficult to get them to drink more milk. There stand is: We are no longer babies, so we dont need to be drinking milk all the time.

They do not seem to understand that milk is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available and that they need milk for their growing bodies. The body goes through extreme physical changes during these growing years, including marked increases in height, bone and muscle growth which result in increased demand for energy and specific nutrients. And, the easiest way to way get more of these nutrients to aid their growth is to supplement their everyday diet with milk.

I was at the petrol kiosk the other day, and I stumbled upon these:

It is the "Sipahh straws" that my kids had read about. Sipahh is a milk flavouring straw that contains "beads" which dissolve when milk is sipped through it, thereby flavouring the milk. It does not contain artificial flavours, nor preservatives and has less than half a teaspoon of sugar in each straw. It also comes in a variety of flavours, like strawberry, choc mint, chocolate, banana, and cookies and cream.

I know drinking with sipahh straws is like offering them flavoured milk. But I feel that flavoured milk contains way too much sugar. With these straws they get the necessary nutrients without all that sugar, and for me less of their "hyper-ness", (tho' it adds considerably to the cost of each glass of milk!)

Now, when they drink their milk, they will, sip and then say: "Ahhh" as instructed on the straw wrapper! I just hope this milk drinking can be sustained, and that the novelty of it does not wear out too soon, coz I like them drinking more milk.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Emotional with age

Do people get more emotional with age?

I find that I have.

Just reading touching stories in the newspapers or magazines can bring tears to my eyes. Dont even talk about sad movies!! It's like it is happening to me. I can feel exactly how the other party feels. I can emphatise and sympathise with them. And I can cry. Even talking about my lost ring to a friend brought a lump to my throat.

A friend shared with me that she too has become more emotional. When she saw the Sept 11 events on the news in 2001, she said:"tears just flowed down my cheeks like the foodgates were open." And when she heard the news of the tsunami in 2004, she couldnt stop herself again.

How come, ah? I never used to be so emotional. In fact, I used to be pretty tough, never showing much emotions. Just like a crab. But now I am soppy. Are my hormones playing tricks on me? and as a result I am more in touch with my feelings. Or is it beause of motherhood? Or what?

Have you become more emotional like me?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Blessing in Disguise?

Since I discovered that I lost my "S" ring last week, we found out so much more.

When we mentioned my lost ring to my current helpers, they decided to tell us the WHOLE story. Things began to fall into place for them and for us, and as a result, we have decided to take some action that will protect the family.

Here's what they told us:

Ex maid has been calling very often to ask if "Mam" has asked about any lost things? (Why would she be asking them that question if she is not guilty).

Current help told us that ex maid mentioned that she was the one responsible for my 3 tyre punctures. (Remember my post entitled Jinxed in Nov 2007?). She wanted us out of the house for longer periods of time, so she could get up to her nonsense!

MIL confessed that she has lost more jewels - a diamond ring, a diamond pendant, etc.

Current help said that she was showing off to them the amount of money she had in her bank account - some $13000!! And all those jewels she has been wearing - she looks like a christmas tree. How on earth did she get so much money? Even if she never spent a single cent while working for us, there was no way she could amass so much money.

They also mentioned that ex maid said that if we had not signed the form for her to ICA (when she was applying to marry a Singaporean) she would have burned our house down! (How vicious can someone get?)

They have also mentioned that she keeps telling them that working in our household was no good, too much work, and that they should go work in Taiwan where more money was paid. But ex maid has been telling MIL that she wants to come back to work for us, once she got married. If it is that Bad, why does she want to come back here? So she can steal more?

We have noticed cases of "sabotage" like childrens new clothes gone missing - (which current help suspects she stole), pots corroded due to some substance put on it (looks like some clorox substance and it has been intentionally put), never used side doors that has suddenly become unlocked. Even told current helpers that when things are lost Mam will only grumble for a few days, and than that will be the end of it. (Is she instigating them to steal, coz it means tolerating a few days of grumbling and they will be better off?)

Current help also mentioned that she took picture of the inside of the house when we were out. Also, she mentioned to current help that if she wants to do "Kong tow" (put a spell/ cast a voodoo) on anyone of us, it was very easy, our photo albums are easily assesible!! Now we even suspect that she could have been involved in the house break-in (my post entitled: crime in the area in July 2007).

What have we done to deserve this? We had treated her and her sister so well. When her sister wanted to come here to work, we went thru all the trouble to make the necessary arrangements, and applied everything personally so that she did not have to pay any agents fee. We were inconvenienced, but we thought that if we could help them, why not? After working for less than a year, both sisters wanted to go home on home leave, and we allowed it. Even paying for their air tickets home. (In most cotnracts for domestic helpers, if you do not finish a two year contract, dont even think of going home!)

They were helpers who ate everything that we ate (pork excepted), even the expensive delicacies. MIL did most of the cooking, even cooked for them to eat. They did not have to look after any of my kids. They did not even have to wash milk bottles or boil water for making milk, all which I did myself. When the kids messed up, we did not even call them to clean or pack up after them, we cleaned up after the kids ourselves. We even clean up the dining table after each meal, they only have to wash the dishes. Many times, they even have their dinner before we do!!

They only did cleaning, washing and ironing (then again, even the better clothes, I hand washed myself or it went to the dry cleaners!!). Who has ever heard of Indonesian helpers who got 2 off days a month? Well, the ex maid had that priviledge! (And the current ones too!)

Now that we have realised how vicious she can get, we have decided to take some precautions. We have changed our padlocks. If she calls, we will tell her not to come anymore - the problem is she always drops by unannounced, at a time when MIL and I are not home - that's part of the problem. She knows our schedule so well, she knows when we are home and when we are out!! Even the current helpers are worried, and asked what can be done to prevent her from coming. They are so afraid they will be framed for her evil doings.

But, I think the loss of my ring may have been a blessing in disguise, coz now we know the real her. We have always trusted her, but unfortunately it looks like we have been betrayed BIG TIME. We are now able to take the necessary action to prevent it from happening again. We are more alert to things that could and may happen. We are more cautious. It has also made us more suspicious, which may not be a good thing. In fact, I hope it has not made me lose the trust in our current helpers, coz what have they done to deserve it?

Short of moving house (which is out of the question) I am not sure what else we can do!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

2 more days to Easter!

Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For my kids, and many other children, the highlight of Easter is, of course, the chocolate eggs that they will get. Grandpa, who just came back from Perth last night brought with him so many eggs, that I can just feel the cavities forming in my children's teeth ( and the huge dental bill that will come) just by looking at those eggs. (I am such a killjoy, huh?). I think, I will just have help them eat it all up. Better me with the cavities than them, not?

For many children in the US, esp those living around the Washington DC area, and the states surrounding it, the highlight of their Easter is the Easter egg Roll at the White House. Yes! The White House.

Rolling eggs on the Monday after Easter was a tradition observed by many Washington families, including those of the US President. Some historians believe Dolley Madison first suggested the idea of a public egg roll, while others tell stories of informal egg-rolling parties at the White House dating back to President Lincoln's day.

Over the years, the Egg Rolls have evolved and changed, with different games and amusements popular in different years. Near the end of the nineteenth century, children played "Egg Picking," "Egg Ball," "Toss and Catch, " and "Egg Croquet." Soon the event evolved into a more elaborate affair, with bands, entertainers and food.

This year's Easter Egg roll will be held on the South Lawn of the White House on 24 March 2008. Tickets to this event are distributed free on a first-come-first-served basis from the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion (southwest corner of 15th and E Streets) on 22 March and on 24 March from 7.30am. So if you are in the vicinity, that may be something you want to check out.

I was in Washington over the Good Friday long weekend many years ago. The roads leading to Washignton were packed with many families hoping to be able to get tickets to this event, coz how often are you allowed on the grounds of the White House when the first couple is there? And to top that - free food and entertainment? No, I did not manage to get tickets when I was there. But I managed to visit the many museums and memorials. One beautiful sight at this time of the year is the beautiful cheery blossom trees in full bloom that line the potomac river. I believe it was a gift from the Japanese Emperor to one of the past US presidents. It is a sight to behold - the river banks dotted with pretty pink cherry blossom trees!

So, to one and all:
A Happy and Blessed Easter!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Down in the Dumps!

"When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you."

An extract from A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins

That's exactly how I am feeling right now, in the dumps! And I dont have anything to look at!

Why? Because I lost something that is so dear and precious to me, that I could kick myself for it. I feel like crying. AND I know hubby will be very upset with me for it. He just mentioned the other day, that if I buy anything new, I have to make sure I keep it properly, because once lost, it will be gone for good, and now it has happened! Why, oh why!

You see, when I had my daughter S, he bought me a ring, which we took a long time to source. I liked it very, very much and wore it almost everyday. That ring has always had a special place in my heart, just like my daughter. I call it the "S" ring.

That ring is set in gold,and has a very unique design. Recently, I have been a little distracted. Also, I have been wearing my new white gold bracelet and earrings, and as such, have not worn that ring. I put it in an unlocked drawer as I wear it quite frequenly and had thought that if I put it in the locked drawer, it would be such a hassle to unlock my drawer everyday, just to take it out to wear it.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend about that ring, and suddenly realised that I have not noticed the ring box in my unlocked drawer. When I went to my drawer, it was no longer there!! I cleared out everything in all my drawers and cant find it. It was just 2 weeks ago when I last wore it, just after the 15th day of the lunar new year, I remember.

Where has it gone to? I dont know, but I think my ex maid stole it. My mil has lost loads of money and jewelry when the ex maid and her sister were working for us. But mil suspected the sister of stealing, and sent the sister home. I told mil that the ex maid could be guilty too, but she did not believe me. Why? because the ex-maid knows how to sweet talk her. Also, because she thinks that the ex-maid has lots of money, and thus will not steal. Where did she get the money from? She told my mil that her boyfriend gives her $300 every month. I have always told mil how can she be so sure that is true. She could have stolen mil's money, and told her boyfriend to bank $300 every month into the account for her, so that mil would not suspect. Now, Mil also thinks it is her, coz she just revealed to me that after the ex-maids' sister was sent home, she lost another $4000.

This ex-maid left us at the end of December when her contract ended. She has found herself a Singaporean boyfriend and has applied, and got approval to marry him. Hence, she is in Singapore. She has also been dropping by to visit us on a regular basis. MIL feels bad telling her not to visit! Just the other day, I was out. When I got home, some things fell out of my cupboard when I opened it, and my handbag (I changed handbag) which I had kept properly in its carrier bag, had its handles and drawstring hanging out. I mentioned that to hubby, that it was so odd that it happened. Now thinking back, that was the day the ex-maid visited us. That was also probably the day she took my ring. But I have no proof.

This has kept me up all night. I just couldnt sleep thinking about the ring. I even went to the safebox this morning to see if I could have put it there by mistake. But no, it was not there. I really feel like crying. How am I going to replace that ring? I dont even have a photo of it. How to break the news to my hubby and S? I have always told S that the ring will be hers one day. Now it is gone!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

My daughter, S extracted 6 of her teeth last week. And uptill today, she's still awaiting the tooth fairy.

The last time she extracted 4 of her teeth, she only put one of them under her pillow, but the tooth fairy left her $10.The tooth fairy usually leaves her $2 a tooth. She had wanted to put another tooth the next night, but her brother brought her other teeth to school for show and tell and lost them. So, she did not get any more money for the rest of those teeth.

This time round, she again put one tooth. But the tooth fairy did not come. She was really disappointed.

She is already 12, and she still believes in the tooth fairy and santa clause(!!). When I asked her: You mean you still believe that there is a tooth fairy?

Her reply was: Yes! If not, how else can I get money for my teeth?

I then told her that maybe she was not being honest with the tooth fairy, and the tooth fairy realised that she had planned to trick him like the last time hence did not visit this time.

So, the 2nd night, she put all 6 teeth under her pillow.

Again, no money. So I decided to tell her the truth.

I said: I guess the tooth fairy has been working very hard, especially with the hols and so many children getting dental operations this few days. So he is probably very tired and is at home snoring the night away. As for his wife, the tooth fairy god mother, she is also fast asleep as she doesnt want to be kept awake by his snoring, so she makes sure she is fast asleep even before he gets into bed.

See! I never lie to my kids!

So, do you think the tooth fairy should be visiting soon?

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's "Please" not "Now!"

In this age of instant everything (eg instant coffee, instant noodles, instant passport photos, etc) the kids too have caught on. They want everything "NOW!"

A common phrase coming out of Little D's mouth is : I want it NOW!

Never mind that we have to cook it, make it, find it, etc, she wants it NOW, and if she doesnt get it, she will throw a tantrum, BIG TIME!

Hubby and I have been trying to teach her that "NOW" all the time is not possible. If we can accede, we will. More often than not, it is not possible. We have told her, ask for it with a "Please" not "Now!"

So now everytime she asks for something, we will say: Is it now?

When she is in a good mood, she will smile and say: No! It's please.
When she is in a not so good mood, she will not answer, and we will ask her: What's the magic word? She knows that if she doesnt use the magic word, she will not get it, tantrum or not.

Just the other day, I told her it was time for her nap. She looked at me, and was about to fuss about having to take a nap (I could see that in her eyes), when I gave her a stern look and said : Now!

She said: Mum, it's not "Now" it's "please"!

What can I say? She is a fast learner!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Playing with food

Have always told the kids not to play with their food. But look! Here are some fun things you can actually do with food and "play" with your kids! Even your next dinner guests will be impressed!


Friday, March 14, 2008

Coffee Art

For my coffee lover blogger friends ....... have one on me!!

There is a restaurant in Vancouver

.....actually three

.....where they dress up the lattes.

........ you get to watch them create the pictures.

What can be done with coffee, cream, milk & imagination.

Too good to drink!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Snoring Hubby

Does your hubby snore? Can you sleep when he snores?

Well, my hubby snores, and it gets really bad when he is very tired. Which is like every week night coz he works such long hours.

So what should wives do when the snoring affects them?

Buy those special pillows that cost an arm and a leg. Believe me, it does not work.

Wear ear plugs. This does not work either coz you are in such close proximity, and ear plugs arent the most comfortable thing to wear when sleeping.

Sew a pocket at the back of his sleep shirt and put a ball there, coz research has shown that sleeping on the side stops the snoring. Not true. Even when he is on his side he still snores.

Actually, I think there is eally no cure to that snoring when they are really tired. Even my son snores when he is really tired. So what can we do short of sleeping in another room?

Well, I make sure I am sound asleep before he even starts to snore. So, in my slumber, I dont even hear that snoring. Alternatively, treat it like a "white noise" which can lull you to sleep. You just have to psycho yourself that the snore is a white noise and soon you will have no problems sleeping!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Sorry, just feel the need to get it out of the system!

I dont undrstand why when I talk nicely to the kids they refuse to respond. I have to shout and scream and threaten before I get any action. It can be something as simple as do your homework first before watching TV. That has been my rule all along. Its not that they dont know it. I think they are just trying their luck. And they will sit there like logs refusing to move until I explode.

Also, its not that they dont know sweet wrappers and chewing gum belong in the bin? Come on, thats common sense. Yet, I still find it stuck in between the sofa, behind the sofa, in my shoe, in between the books on the bookshelf, under the table, on the floor, etc. Everywhere but the bin! I have to really threatened NOT to buy them anymore if it continues then it stops for a couple of days. You know, I have to clear the fridge every couple of days of sweet wrappers and trash. Why cant they just put trash where it belongs. I am sure that is taught at school!!

Why, oh why?

Just yesterday, I heard my son threatening little D to move away from the TV (as she was blocking him) or he would hit her. When I scolded him for threatening her, he said it was because I threaten him too, so he is just doing the same. Sigh.

But isnt it different? He is old enough to understand and take instructions. And he has his responsibilities. But he refuses to do my bidding until I threaten him. Why cant he just obey me? I always reiterate the rules, I always ask him nicely first, but he still refuses to listen. I have even gone to the extent of saying: "N! I am talking to you nicely. Please do as you are told or do you want me to get nasty?" Sometime it works, sometimes it doesnt.

Why cant I just get him to obey and observe certain rules. I am becoming a "bully" and a tyrant because of him. Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Starting Young

"You dont have to drive me to school anymore."

My friends have warned me that I would hear that when my kids got older. Kids, who thought that their parents were "not cool" or did not want to be seen being ferried around by their parents, or those who did not want their parents anywhere near school. Since all my kids are pretty young, with the oldest not even out of primary school, I never thought that I would hear that phrase - not so soon at least. But I did, last week.

My daughter said it to me. And this was how our conversation went:

Hmmm. Dont you want to go to school anymore? I asked

Of course I do! But you dont have to drive me anymore.

Then how are you going?

I will go to school with my friends.

How? Are you going on the school bus with them?

No. By car.

Who's going to drive? All of you are too small and cant drive.


Then who's big enough to drive.

Sarah will drive. She's the biggest of us all. She will drive her mummys car and come to fetch me to school.

I burst out laughing. Sarah sure is the tallest girl in class, but she has not even turned 4. Yes, that was the conversation I had with Little D. It made me wonder -is she growing up too fast for her age or am I so uncool that she doesnt want me driving her to school anymore?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Schools Out

Yes, the end of term one and the start of a one-week break.

But, what break? A busy, busy week ahead despite the "break".

We have a dental operation on Monday for S (she has to remove 6 teeth),
Make-up mandarin class on Tuesday for both S & N
Interschools chess tournament on Wednesday for S
Enrichment class for both S&N on Thursday (as usual)
Interschools Chess Tournament for N on Friday.

Not counting the homework the school has dished out to the children to be done during the break, portfolios and projects which are due just after the break.
Seems pretty back breaking for me.

Sometimes I wonder why the school call it a term break when the kids still have so much work to do during that time. Cant they just have some time: To stand and stare? To smell the roses? To laze about and be kids? To do nothing?

Looks like the only one that can have a break is little D - but her school is a child-care, so it continues as usual. AND I am so tempted to just send her.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before I was a Mum..

Got tagged by bkworm and Jomel. They want to know what I was like before I became a Mum.

So here goes:

Before I was a Mum:

.. I didnt realise that I would actually laugh when I got "sprayed" when changing diapers.

.. I didnt realise how many times a young child / baby could poop in a day.

.. I didnt know that night feeds would make me into a panda! (Just look at my eyes!)

.. I always said I wouldnt use those phrases my mum used on me. But look now! I am sprouting those very same phrases at my kids!

.. I didnt realise that it cost SOOOO MUCH to bring up a child.

.. I didnt know my killer look could stop tantrum throwing kids in their tracks.

.. I had to work long hours. Now, I have no rest days.

.. I never thought I would give up my career to be a full time mum.

.. I could and would spend my money on anything I fancied. Now I spend mostly on the kids, often depriving myself.

.. I hated vegetable stems. Now the kids would only eat the leafy part of greens, and I have grown to love eating vegetable stems.

.. I never thought I was capable of neglecting my grooming, until one day I looked into the mirror - horrors of all horrors - now I try not to let it happen again!!

.. I never really understood the true meaning of Love. Now I do!!

Well, now maybe the following Mums would share with us what they were like before they became a Mum:


Fusion Confusion

I am in the greedy kind of mood, so I thought I should write about food.

Fusion food is simply a combination of several cuisines in one dish. It combines elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting specifically into any. It was made popular in places like California and in large metropolitan areas in the 1970s, by legendary food icons like Wolfgang Puck.

Now, it looks like it is resurfacing in Singapore. Some brave chefs from a couple of restuarants are offering it. Some fusion dishes include: pasta with ikura and salmon sashimi, baked spicy pineapple rasam, gulab jamun cheesecake. Some of the creations of our local chefs include: cold pulot hitam with coconut ice cream, roast suckling pig with foie gras, chilly crab spaghetti.

At one stage, the traditionalist were unhappy that their food was being "pariah-rised". They felt (and still do) that ingredients from different world cuisines should never meet on the same plate.

Have you tried it? There are some that are done so well, that I feel we should not condemn it. Why discourage chefs from letting their creative juices flow? I dont find it a "confusion".

I say: If their creations can tantalise my taste buds, just bring it on!!

Now I feel like going out to indulge myself at one of these restaurants. I hope this post did not trigger cravings in my friend bp.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Parent Teacher Meeting

Went to N's school yeaterday for a Parent-Teacher Meeting. In his school, they have this meeting at the end of the first term to update parents on how their child has been settling in and performing in school.

I usually go alone for all these sessions as work constraints usually does not permit hubby to come along. However, I was surprised when hubby said he was going to come along yesterday. When we were there, we were really surprised to see how many pairs of parents were at these meetings. (I never used to notice, but since we were early, we kapo'd a bit). There were many fathers there!!

There has been quite a lot written recently about how the more fathers are actively involved in the upbringing of the children, the better the children turn out. The male figure is often the absent figure in the household due to work demands. And, if someone has to stop work to stay home, it is usually the mum that does it. It could be because of the mother and child bonding that started even before the baby was born. It is could also be due to the glass ceiling many ladies face at work. So logically, the one that can bring home more stays at work.

But whatever it is, it was a welcome sight seeing so many fathers taking an active interest in their child's work.

And, I was glad hubby was free to come along with me this time.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mystery of the Disappearing ......

.... Utensils.

Do you have that problem? I do. Every so often, my kitchen utensils go missing. This has been so after I had help at home.

The most common item lost is the vegetable peeler. It goes missing, no, it should read: "lost for good" every two to three weeks. Now I buy them by the dozen that the uncle at the shop thinks I am in business. My guess is that the helpers forget to set it aside after skinning the vegetables, and wraps and disposes them with the peel. However, they deny it. Where else could it have gone? I never had that problem when I had no help because I consciously put it aside every time after I use it. I would wash and keep it even before I dispose the vegetable peel.

I would say that is not so much of a mystery. The real mystery to me is my missing dessert forks and spoons. Every time before I host guests at home, I have to check that I have sufficient dessert forks and spoons. There is never enough even though everytime there is a sale, I would stock up on these. 10 of each at a time. I really dont understand how they can go walking away on its own, but it is always the case. Cant find any teaspoons or dessert forks.

Tell me: Is there a monster in my house that loves eating kitchen utensils?? Do you have that same monster in your home too?


Monday, March 3, 2008

My Sniffer Dogs

Sniffer dogs are dogs that are trained to use its sense of smell to detect, search and hunt for things such like illegal drugs, explosives, fruits, and even missing humans. One notable quality of sniffer dogs is that they are able to discern individual scents even when the scents are combined or masked by other odours.

In the hunt for the escaped fugitive (in my previous post) sniffer dogs were also used. So, in my hunt for Kopi Soh, I have decided to use my own sniffer dogs:

Hopefully, they will be able to sniff her, or even lure her out.


Sunday, March 2, 2008


Everyone knows that there is a manhunt now going on in Singapore for an escaped detainee, Mas Selamat Kastari. He is dangerous, as he has shown malicious intent previously. Leader of the JI in Singapore, he escaped from the police detention centre on Whitley Road on 27 Febraury 2009 at about 4.30pm, and everyone here is on the look out for him, and awaiting his re-arrest. He is 1.58m and walks with a limp. More information can be found on the Interpol website. Anyone with information on his whereabouts are to contact the Singapore Police or the Police in their country.

Here, in the blogging world there is also a manhunt for one Kopi Soh, also known as Firehorse. Her last post was viewed on 29 Febraury 2009, sounding very sad on her blogspot. She suddenly disappeared together with her blog on 1 March 2008. She has long hair, which her hairdresser recently refused to colour. Looks like quite a sexy momma to me. Any one with information leading to her contactability will be rewarded with Kopi.

Please, provide infromation if you are aware of the whereabouts of these two very wanted people!

(ps Kopi soh - sorry to put you in same category as Mat Selamat - but everyone is looking for you too!!)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is considered by some to be just a foot massage.

What is reflexology?
Reflexology is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands that correspond to all of the organs and systems in the body.

Many proponents claim that foot reflexology can cleanse the body of toxins, increase circulation, assist in weight loss, and improve the health of organs throughout the body. Others have reported success in treating earaches, anemia, bedwetting, bronchitis, convulsions in an infant, hemorrhoids, hiccups, deafness, hair loss, emphysema, prostate trouble, heart disease, overactive thyroid gland, kidney stones, liver trouble, rectal prolapse, undescended testicles, intestinal paralysis, cataracts, and hydrocephalus (a condition in which an excess of fluid surrounding the brain can cause pressure that damages the brain).However, there is no scientific support for these assertions.

I started going for these foot massages just at the start of this year. I sort of stumbled (no pun intended) into it. Just the other day, when the reflexologist massaged a particular part of my left foot, the pain was excruciating. I told him about it, and he said it indicated a problem with my digestive system. He said that I should try to avoid shellfish, seafood and meat, but to eat more fish instead. He indicated that I had eaten too much "good stuff" over the CNY period.

When I got home, I told hubby what the reflexologist said, and he said: You mean to say you believe him??

Well, what he said corresponds to what my last blood test indicated - high cholesterol, - and to avoid shellfish in particular. So, why shouldnt I believe him, right?

But a week later, I went for another foot massage. This time a different guy massaged my feet. Again there was an excruciating pain in a particular part of my left foot. When I mentioned it, he said that it indicated a heart (??!?) problem. And when he got to my right foot, he told me that I had a problem with my right knee, and I had to make sure I took care of it.

Now, I really dont know whether to believe them or not? My cardiologist told me my heart was fine after a ecg test coupled with the treadmill test just 9 months ago. Also, I have never had problems with my knees.

So that got me thinking. Does he know something that I dont? Maybe, hubby was right afterall: I cant believe what they tell me. But one thing I know for sure: I sleep very well after every visit!!