Monday, March 31, 2008

Soccer Mania!

I am not sure when it exactly started or how it started. But about one month ago, he didnt know much. Suddenly he knows everything about it.

I am referring to my son N, and the English Soccer League. I am not sure what fuelled his interest, but suddenly, all the talk is about the Barclays Premier League!!

Now, every morning, as soon as his alarm rings, he jumps right out of bed, washes up and rushes down for breakfast. During breakfast, he will quiz his grandpa on the games that was played the past night, whilst he was asleep. Immediately after breakfast, (but before his sister is even down), he will turn on the TV and watch the highlights of the previous nights game on the Football Channel, before leaving for school. In the evenings, he will be fighting with me or hubby for the newspaper, so that he can read up on it. Even his sister is beginning to show some interest in the game, and now they know more than me about the players, games and score.

I must admit that when I was his age, I was really into soccer. Watching almost every Malaysia Cup game live with my dad at the National Stadium. We would travel occassionally for the away games as well. But I wasnt really into the English Premier League, but I would watch a couple of games, and knew the names of a few of the star players. Last evening, when the name Kevin Keegan was mentioned, I mentioned to N that he was one of the top players during my time. Now Keegan is the manager of one of the teams. Due to work and family demands, I eventually lost touch with soccer.

Seeing how interested he was in the game, I suggested that maybe he should watch some games live at the stadium. I mentioned that nothing could beat the excitement and thrill of watching a live game!! Of course, I was referring to the local S league games. He was really excited, and requested to go for the next game. He thought I was referring to the EPL and suggested the next Man U game!! He wants to go to Old Tratford! So do I!! But of course, that is not possible. When I told him it was the local games I was referring to, he was not interested at all. He called them boring.

Hubby said that local games would not interest him as he doesnt know any of the players. For the EPL, he seems to know all the teams, their players and the stats. He can remember who scored how many goals in which game, the final score for the games, who got sent off, the teams position on the tables, and when games were to be played. Amazing! How I wish, he had as much interest in his multiplication tables and could remember them as well!



Ling That's Me said...

My hubby is waiting for the chance whereby his son could be like N...hehehe...

hey, you watch M'sia Cup too?? My hubby went to every live match in stadium and occasionally, I tagged along.

eastcoastlife said...

haha.... boys are liddat lah. Once they develop an interest in a game, they can be very passionate about it. Even when they grow up! I just met some men who are so into Historical European swordsmanship! Their passion for this arts really blow me away!

bp said...

Hehe! Soccer fever, and N's caught it! Know what you mean, how do we channel such energies and passion to schoolwork? But isn't it great when interests like this help offer a more balanced side to studies? =)

If you do go for the big matches, it'll be sooo cool! GOAAAL!!!