Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sip ....ahhh!

My older kids drink milk only at breakfast. I find it sooooo difficult to get them to drink more milk. There stand is: We are no longer babies, so we dont need to be drinking milk all the time.

They do not seem to understand that milk is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available and that they need milk for their growing bodies. The body goes through extreme physical changes during these growing years, including marked increases in height, bone and muscle growth which result in increased demand for energy and specific nutrients. And, the easiest way to way get more of these nutrients to aid their growth is to supplement their everyday diet with milk.

I was at the petrol kiosk the other day, and I stumbled upon these:

It is the "Sipahh straws" that my kids had read about. Sipahh is a milk flavouring straw that contains "beads" which dissolve when milk is sipped through it, thereby flavouring the milk. It does not contain artificial flavours, nor preservatives and has less than half a teaspoon of sugar in each straw. It also comes in a variety of flavours, like strawberry, choc mint, chocolate, banana, and cookies and cream.

I know drinking with sipahh straws is like offering them flavoured milk. But I feel that flavoured milk contains way too much sugar. With these straws they get the necessary nutrients without all that sugar, and for me less of their "hyper-ness", (tho' it adds considerably to the cost of each glass of milk!)

Now, when they drink their milk, they will, sip and then say: "Ahhh" as instructed on the straw wrapper! I just hope this milk drinking can be sustained, and that the novelty of it does not wear out too soon, coz I like them drinking more milk.


tigerfish said...

I still drink milk (and not even reduced fat milk) even when I'm no longer a kid and no Sipahh straw for me. This is interesting.

Jonzz said...

Actually most flavourings are artificial flavours. Ask any Food Technology student.

eastcoastlife said...

This Sipahh straw is interesting... though I don't need to force my fat son to drink milk. He loves milk.

NomadicMom said... much do they cost in Singapore? I saw them today at the supermarket...approx USD 6 for 10. Thought they were expensive.

Sweetiepie said...

wah!interesting.I find very difficult to get my kids drink their milk too.I have to watch them drink for hour.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi nomadicmom
They cost S$3.85 from the supermarts for a pack of 10, S$1.95 for a pack of 5 and S$7.95 for a pack of 25. Just bought more last nite!!

Hi Jonzz
You are back!! Actually this no artificial flavouring thing is stated on their website. so, false advertising, ah?

bp said...

Ooh, aah! I wonder if these are also available here.

Only my younger boy will drink less than a cup of milk in the morning. For the older one, I try and add some chocolate syrup (Hershey's), but he'll only have one sip =(. No choice, I try and "sneak" milk in, like in scrambled eggs, or blend it with fruits for a milkshake that goes down better, but more work leh!

bp said...

Hey, SAHM, came to say thanks for your offer, it's so very nice of you! But let me not bother you with this.

Constance said...

i bought these two weeks ago, stuffed them somewhere and forgotten about it...i got the smaller pack. it was meant for my elder before her school time.. cos i really have to push her to take her milk or ovaltines in the mornings.

mott said...

actually, hv u tried it?

I don't like it..coz it really tastes weird..think Jonzz has a point!

fresh milk is definitely better..but i think in asia, milk sucks la....i wudn't even drink it! HAHAHAHAHAAH!

Sweetpea said...

i tried that myself, and frankly, it wasn't nice :P aidan wasn't tempted too. but at least i can thank my lucky stars he loves his b'fast and 'night cap' milk.

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Anonymous said...

hello stay-at-home mum! may i know where i can buy the sipahh straw here in singapore? thank you. :-)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi anon
I bought them from the SPC petrol kiosk some time back. I believe I have seen it at Sheng Siong too, but it is not avail all the time. If all else fails, Coles in Australia carries them : p

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone!
Help plz.. Where can I find these in Dubai?