Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter!

2 more days to Easter!

Easter is the most important day in the Christian calendar. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For my kids, and many other children, the highlight of Easter is, of course, the chocolate eggs that they will get. Grandpa, who just came back from Perth last night brought with him so many eggs, that I can just feel the cavities forming in my children's teeth ( and the huge dental bill that will come) just by looking at those eggs. (I am such a killjoy, huh?). I think, I will just have help them eat it all up. Better me with the cavities than them, not?

For many children in the US, esp those living around the Washington DC area, and the states surrounding it, the highlight of their Easter is the Easter egg Roll at the White House. Yes! The White House.

Rolling eggs on the Monday after Easter was a tradition observed by many Washington families, including those of the US President. Some historians believe Dolley Madison first suggested the idea of a public egg roll, while others tell stories of informal egg-rolling parties at the White House dating back to President Lincoln's day.

Over the years, the Egg Rolls have evolved and changed, with different games and amusements popular in different years. Near the end of the nineteenth century, children played "Egg Picking," "Egg Ball," "Toss and Catch, " and "Egg Croquet." Soon the event evolved into a more elaborate affair, with bands, entertainers and food.

This year's Easter Egg roll will be held on the South Lawn of the White House on 24 March 2008. Tickets to this event are distributed free on a first-come-first-served basis from the Ellipse Visitor Pavilion (southwest corner of 15th and E Streets) on 22 March and on 24 March from 7.30am. So if you are in the vicinity, that may be something you want to check out.

I was in Washington over the Good Friday long weekend many years ago. The roads leading to Washignton were packed with many families hoping to be able to get tickets to this event, coz how often are you allowed on the grounds of the White House when the first couple is there? And to top that - free food and entertainment? No, I did not manage to get tickets when I was there. But I managed to visit the many museums and memorials. One beautiful sight at this time of the year is the beautiful cheery blossom trees in full bloom that line the potomac river. I believe it was a gift from the Japanese Emperor to one of the past US presidents. It is a sight to behold - the river banks dotted with pretty pink cherry blossom trees!

So, to one and all:
A Happy and Blessed Easter!!


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

We recently learned about this~too cool! So sorry to learn of your missing ring~praying for comfort in such a stressful time. (((((HUGS))))) sandi~clicked over from Grandmother Stories

eastcoastlife said...

Happy Easter!!

Night at the museum! 24hrs@ACM Empress Place, from 7pm tonight to 7pm tomorrow night. Last chance to go on the Nalanda trail. There are activities for the kids. Good excuse for them to stay up late!! Free entrance! See you there.

bp said...

Blessed Easter to you and family,too! How I'll love to see cherry blossoms in bloom =)