Friday, March 7, 2008

Schools Out

Yes, the end of term one and the start of a one-week break.

But, what break? A busy, busy week ahead despite the "break".

We have a dental operation on Monday for S (she has to remove 6 teeth),
Make-up mandarin class on Tuesday for both S & N
Interschools chess tournament on Wednesday for S
Enrichment class for both S&N on Thursday (as usual)
Interschools Chess Tournament for N on Friday.

Not counting the homework the school has dished out to the children to be done during the break, portfolios and projects which are due just after the break.
Seems pretty back breaking for me.

Sometimes I wonder why the school call it a term break when the kids still have so much work to do during that time. Cant they just have some time: To stand and stare? To smell the roses? To laze about and be kids? To do nothing?

Looks like the only one that can have a break is little D - but her school is a child-care, so it continues as usual. AND I am so tempted to just send her.


Iml said...'s the same over in my camp here. All of them need to be back to school. Mon throught to Fri. Eldest, dance, 2nd, supplementary classes, youngest table tennis intensive training for the interschool competition after the march holiday. The one week break applies to the school buses only.

Judy said...

Six teeth out? Just like my daughter when she was 10 in order to get her braces done.

Term break does help even though the child has loads of work to do. A break away from the rigid daily school routine.

bp said...

Aw =(, know what you mean when a break isn't a real one. But the good thing is that it will give S some time to rest after her teeth op, and not have to worry about ongoing schoolwork.

I can understand why the chess tournaments are going on during the break, but why must also have those enrichment classes?

Hope the weather's not so rainy anymore, and you can try and steal a bit of time outside this weekend maybe, to go smell the roses!

Have a good one now!

Sweetiepie said...

Don't worry SHAM,your daughter should be doing fine after operation.Yup it's reallynot fair for the kids.My kids don't have any any homework for any school holiday breaks.The kids should enjoy the break and have fun.Happy weekend :)

NomadicMom said...

At least the kids are ENTERTAINED with all those activities. You will be REALLY complaining when they have LOOOOONG Breaks and no projects/activities and bugging you the WHOLE time!!!

My kids for example absolutely have NO work over the holidays. Then it's up to me to try to get the to do things...away from the telly. Then I really "thau tia".

Yan said...

Trust little S has done well for the dental appointment yesterday.

And you are enjoying your holidays though packed with activities.

stay-at-home mum said...

You are right iml! The only ones getting the break are the school bus drivers.

Yes Judy - she will be getting braces soon as her jaw is just too crowded.

Hi bp, sweetiepie and yan
Yes, S is feeling much better now after that dental procedure. Thanks for your concern.

Hi nomadicmom
with the workload here, I really look forward to when there is absolutely no work during the hols - something which never happens here!!