Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fusion Confusion

I am in the greedy kind of mood, so I thought I should write about food.

Fusion food is simply a combination of several cuisines in one dish. It combines elements of various culinary traditions while not fitting specifically into any. It was made popular in places like California and in large metropolitan areas in the 1970s, by legendary food icons like Wolfgang Puck.

Now, it looks like it is resurfacing in Singapore. Some brave chefs from a couple of restuarants are offering it. Some fusion dishes include: pasta with ikura and salmon sashimi, baked spicy pineapple rasam, gulab jamun cheesecake. Some of the creations of our local chefs include: cold pulot hitam with coconut ice cream, roast suckling pig with foie gras, chilly crab spaghetti.

At one stage, the traditionalist were unhappy that their food was being "pariah-rised". They felt (and still do) that ingredients from different world cuisines should never meet on the same plate.

Have you tried it? There are some that are done so well, that I feel we should not condemn it. Why discourage chefs from letting their creative juices flow? I dont find it a "confusion".

I say: If their creations can tantalise my taste buds, just bring it on!!

Now I feel like going out to indulge myself at one of these restaurants. I hope this post did not trigger cravings in my friend bp.



GarGies said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a word or two.

Nice to "meet" you.


Caramel Corn said...

some fusion did pretty well. but some really created quite a disaster.. I remembered in 90s, there waw Great World restaurant.. they had a pasta dish with seafood and all. but they used the yellow hokkien noodle and i tot it tasted horrible because these noodle kinda bloated too much..I like my noodles al dente.. so after that i have this fear of fusion if it involves

stay-at-home mum said...

Nice to meet you.

Hi Caramel corn
Thanks for popping by!

bp said...

Hahaha! Thank you for triggering it! Agree that fusion food is interesting, but sometimes it takes a bit of acquiring, especially when we are more used to having some stuff cooked a certain way.

Now and then I let my creative juices flow (hehe!) and cook my own (pseudo) fusion... like I use sesame oil and Italian seasoning for veggies, not always just a soya sauce based kind of gravy... remembering your reminder to watch the sodium level! =)