Thursday, March 20, 2008

Down in the Dumps!

"When I'm feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you."

An extract from A Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins

That's exactly how I am feeling right now, in the dumps! And I dont have anything to look at!

Why? Because I lost something that is so dear and precious to me, that I could kick myself for it. I feel like crying. AND I know hubby will be very upset with me for it. He just mentioned the other day, that if I buy anything new, I have to make sure I keep it properly, because once lost, it will be gone for good, and now it has happened! Why, oh why!

You see, when I had my daughter S, he bought me a ring, which we took a long time to source. I liked it very, very much and wore it almost everyday. That ring has always had a special place in my heart, just like my daughter. I call it the "S" ring.

That ring is set in gold,and has a very unique design. Recently, I have been a little distracted. Also, I have been wearing my new white gold bracelet and earrings, and as such, have not worn that ring. I put it in an unlocked drawer as I wear it quite frequenly and had thought that if I put it in the locked drawer, it would be such a hassle to unlock my drawer everyday, just to take it out to wear it.

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend about that ring, and suddenly realised that I have not noticed the ring box in my unlocked drawer. When I went to my drawer, it was no longer there!! I cleared out everything in all my drawers and cant find it. It was just 2 weeks ago when I last wore it, just after the 15th day of the lunar new year, I remember.

Where has it gone to? I dont know, but I think my ex maid stole it. My mil has lost loads of money and jewelry when the ex maid and her sister were working for us. But mil suspected the sister of stealing, and sent the sister home. I told mil that the ex maid could be guilty too, but she did not believe me. Why? because the ex-maid knows how to sweet talk her. Also, because she thinks that the ex-maid has lots of money, and thus will not steal. Where did she get the money from? She told my mil that her boyfriend gives her $300 every month. I have always told mil how can she be so sure that is true. She could have stolen mil's money, and told her boyfriend to bank $300 every month into the account for her, so that mil would not suspect. Now, Mil also thinks it is her, coz she just revealed to me that after the ex-maids' sister was sent home, she lost another $4000.

This ex-maid left us at the end of December when her contract ended. She has found herself a Singaporean boyfriend and has applied, and got approval to marry him. Hence, she is in Singapore. She has also been dropping by to visit us on a regular basis. MIL feels bad telling her not to visit! Just the other day, I was out. When I got home, some things fell out of my cupboard when I opened it, and my handbag (I changed handbag) which I had kept properly in its carrier bag, had its handles and drawstring hanging out. I mentioned that to hubby, that it was so odd that it happened. Now thinking back, that was the day the ex-maid visited us. That was also probably the day she took my ring. But I have no proof.

This has kept me up all night. I just couldnt sleep thinking about the ring. I even went to the safebox this morning to see if I could have put it there by mistake. But no, it was not there. I really feel like crying. How am I going to replace that ring? I dont even have a photo of it. How to break the news to my hubby and S? I have always told S that the ring will be hers one day. Now it is gone!!


tigerfish said...

Reminded me of my friend who lost her wedding ring! She had to buy another one (secretly) to replace it before her hubs found out. Think till today, it's still a secret.

Hope you have found it by the time you read this.

stay-at-home mum said...

My wedding ring never leaves my finger. I have it on ALL the time.
Sigh. Still no luck!

Ling That's Me said...

hw hw?? found it??

Bkworm said...

I can imagine the anxiety that you are going through, especially since the ring means so much to you. But don't beat yourself up coz it wasn't your fault. It's unfortunate that there are people who has taken advantage of your hospitality. Maybe if you are upfront with your hubby and S about it, they will share your burden and you will feel better. Hugs for you, dear friend.

Iml said...

I understand your feelings. Your frustration and anger. I have been through all that when I lost the ring mum gave me. Do not speculate. It might still be somewhere in the house. Have faith.

Jade said...

Sigh...that a problem some have to face when having a maid at home. My Sis's maid even stole her nice undergarments.

Hope you could have just misplaced it and find it sometime.

bp said...

Oh no, poor you. This ring is so special to you, I can see why this matter has kept you up all night. Hopefully it wasn't stolen, just somehow misplaced, and it will show up very soon! If not, I'm sure your husband will understand. And maybe ask S to help you pick out a new one, when the time is "right" to get it? (It could be hers when she's grown up later? Just a suggestion).

Cheer up, and try and catch some rest. *Hugs*

Judy said...

When I got married, my nanny who took care of me since I was a baby bought me a beautiful bracelet which I wore all the time.

One day, I realised that it was no longer on my wrist. I felt a sense of loss....sadness (so I do empathise with you).

After a day, I recall the verse in the bible that our treasures are in heaven. I then decided that I should release the feeling to the Lord.

Sweetiepie said...

I am sorry to hear this happen.:(

mumsgather said...

Oh no no. How devastating! I feel your loss. :(

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi everyone
Still no luck! But I do feel a bit better now that I have told hubby about it. he was quite upset, but what to do? Cant do anything now. I have yet to break the news to S. Maybe much later, Just hope she doesnt wonder to herself why I have not been wearing that ring.

JoMel said...

oh dear. so sorry for the disappearance of the ring. Although I understand the sentimental value attached, you probably can console yourself with the thought that it is only "material". Well, I hope your hubby will buy you another ring that you can attach a new sentimental value to. *HUGS*

GarGies said...

*Sob* This reminds me of the blue sapphire pendant I got for my husband for the 2nd child I gave birth to. Lost that to a house robber. Bugger, these people should know it's the meaning of these gifts which are more valuable than its face value. But what can we do?

Need to let go in the end, right? Hope you get over it soon.

eastcoastlife said...

I couldn't sleep last night and cried over the loss of my precious purple gold necklace. And I suspect it was stolen by my ex-maid. She has returned home ages ago and because I have too many pieces of jewellery, I tend not to notice until I look for a specific piece.

What to do!? suay lor. My hubby was so worried, he offered to buy me another one. I don't want any more jewellery... make me kek sim only.

These horrible maids.... hope they rot in Hell!!