Thursday, March 6, 2008

Before I was a Mum..

Got tagged by bkworm and Jomel. They want to know what I was like before I became a Mum.

So here goes:

Before I was a Mum:

.. I didnt realise that I would actually laugh when I got "sprayed" when changing diapers.

.. I didnt realise how many times a young child / baby could poop in a day.

.. I didnt know that night feeds would make me into a panda! (Just look at my eyes!)

.. I always said I wouldnt use those phrases my mum used on me. But look now! I am sprouting those very same phrases at my kids!

.. I didnt realise that it cost SOOOO MUCH to bring up a child.

.. I didnt know my killer look could stop tantrum throwing kids in their tracks.

.. I had to work long hours. Now, I have no rest days.

.. I never thought I would give up my career to be a full time mum.

.. I could and would spend my money on anything I fancied. Now I spend mostly on the kids, often depriving myself.

.. I hated vegetable stems. Now the kids would only eat the leafy part of greens, and I have grown to love eating vegetable stems.

.. I never thought I was capable of neglecting my grooming, until one day I looked into the mirror - horrors of all horrors - now I try not to let it happen again!!

.. I never really understood the true meaning of Love. Now I do!!

Well, now maybe the following Mums would share with us what they were like before they became a Mum:



Constance Chan said...

hey there.. interesting. got mine up..

JoMel said...

thanks for completing the tag SAHM. You are a wonderful mummy! :)

Iml said...

I too went through the same discovery. Being a mother makes sure makes us more tolerant, humble, caring sharing and down to earth human.

NomadicMom said...

I was gonna TAG you for this... :-) So I went back to remove it...

bp said...

You're a great mom! Admire you for how well you juggle everything, and always enjoy and appreciate your sharing of how much you do for your three kids. It's encouraging, inspiring... and helps me feel less daunted with what lies ahead for me (when I'm going to have my hands even more full! ;p).

My kids also like yours... don't want the stem of veggies, and I also end up without any leaves, the way us parents give them all the longans (you know what I mean).

eastcoastlife said...

Sorry, now then have the time to come over. :P

I come from a poor family, so I had to do housework and take care of my brothers when I was only 9. But still taking care of a newborn baby overwhelmed me!

I'm not as willing to sacrifice, not like my Mom. I'm a tyrant. haha....