Sunday, March 2, 2008


Everyone knows that there is a manhunt now going on in Singapore for an escaped detainee, Mas Selamat Kastari. He is dangerous, as he has shown malicious intent previously. Leader of the JI in Singapore, he escaped from the police detention centre on Whitley Road on 27 Febraury 2009 at about 4.30pm, and everyone here is on the look out for him, and awaiting his re-arrest. He is 1.58m and walks with a limp. More information can be found on the Interpol website. Anyone with information on his whereabouts are to contact the Singapore Police or the Police in their country.

Here, in the blogging world there is also a manhunt for one Kopi Soh, also known as Firehorse. Her last post was viewed on 29 Febraury 2009, sounding very sad on her blogspot. She suddenly disappeared together with her blog on 1 March 2008. She has long hair, which her hairdresser recently refused to colour. Looks like quite a sexy momma to me. Any one with information leading to her contactability will be rewarded with Kopi.

Please, provide infromation if you are aware of the whereabouts of these two very wanted people!

(ps Kopi soh - sorry to put you in same category as Mat Selamat - but everyone is looking for you too!!)


Hazel said...

hi a simple tag for u. Have a nice day!

mott said...

yea... got her email about it.

v v v v v v v sad about it. but it's her decision to do it. I just hope she'll somehow open up her blog again..

too many ppl will be missing her and her humour...

Yan said...


I am touched by the friendship in this blogging world. Hope we get connected to kopisoh soon!

Iml said...

To stay elusive for this long, in singapore, he is good.

bp said...

Yes, let's try and "lure" Kopi Soh out again... miss her already! Pl see my other comment for a possible email address to contact her. Thanks for this post!