Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Parent Teacher Meeting

Went to N's school yeaterday for a Parent-Teacher Meeting. In his school, they have this meeting at the end of the first term to update parents on how their child has been settling in and performing in school.

I usually go alone for all these sessions as work constraints usually does not permit hubby to come along. However, I was surprised when hubby said he was going to come along yesterday. When we were there, we were really surprised to see how many pairs of parents were at these meetings. (I never used to notice, but since we were early, we kapo'd a bit). There were many fathers there!!

There has been quite a lot written recently about how the more fathers are actively involved in the upbringing of the children, the better the children turn out. The male figure is often the absent figure in the household due to work demands. And, if someone has to stop work to stay home, it is usually the mum that does it. It could be because of the mother and child bonding that started even before the baby was born. It is could also be due to the glass ceiling many ladies face at work. So logically, the one that can bring home more stays at work.

But whatever it is, it was a welcome sight seeing so many fathers taking an active interest in their child's work.

And, I was glad hubby was free to come along with me this time.


Hazel said...

so fast ahh, parent teacher meeting day is coming..

bp said...

Aw, that's really nice! Our parents/teachers' conference is coming up too. Just hope there are"surprises" about our children that we don't already know! N must have had a great report! =)

JoMel said...

Fathers being involved in the childrens' school.. it's only right. :)

You have been tagged.

Sweetpea said...

it's a whole new generation now and it's good to see fathers are more involved emotionally with their children. my hubby is one example, and he said his father never brought him and his siblings to the park, or just a walk.

have to be fair though at that time my FIL was the sole breadwinner for the whole family, and he wasn't brought up being 'touchy feely' so he doesn't know how to show his feelings and his support.

but today's men are very different, and in this sense, we women are very happy to see this change, i am sure :)

Judy said...

Usually, we go together but in some cases, I would be the one who would not go but my husband never fails to make it to such meetings. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Hazel
Yes, its almost the end of term 1 for us here in Singapore. How time flies.

Hi bp
Yes, its nice to have some lovely surprises some time.

Hi Jomel
Yes, fathers should be equally involved.
Give me some time to do the tag, pk?

stay-at-home mum said...

Yes, sweetpea - we are luckya re husbands are more involved. My hubby hardly knew his dad. I was one of the lucky ones as my dad was very involved in my upbringing!

Your children are lucky Judy!