Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Tooth Fairy

My daughter, S extracted 6 of her teeth last week. And uptill today, she's still awaiting the tooth fairy.

The last time she extracted 4 of her teeth, she only put one of them under her pillow, but the tooth fairy left her $10.The tooth fairy usually leaves her $2 a tooth. She had wanted to put another tooth the next night, but her brother brought her other teeth to school for show and tell and lost them. So, she did not get any more money for the rest of those teeth.

This time round, she again put one tooth. But the tooth fairy did not come. She was really disappointed.

She is already 12, and she still believes in the tooth fairy and santa clause(!!). When I asked her: You mean you still believe that there is a tooth fairy?

Her reply was: Yes! If not, how else can I get money for my teeth?

I then told her that maybe she was not being honest with the tooth fairy, and the tooth fairy realised that she had planned to trick him like the last time hence did not visit this time.

So, the 2nd night, she put all 6 teeth under her pillow.

Again, no money. So I decided to tell her the truth.

I said: I guess the tooth fairy has been working very hard, especially with the hols and so many children getting dental operations this few days. So he is probably very tired and is at home snoring the night away. As for his wife, the tooth fairy god mother, she is also fast asleep as she doesnt want to be kept awake by his snoring, so she makes sure she is fast asleep even before he gets into bed.

See! I never lie to my kids!

So, do you think the tooth fairy should be visiting soon?


Iml said...

You know, you Are a good storyteller! Very convincing too ;D

AG said...

Yes !! The tooth fairy should definitely visit, leave her token and a note, perhaps, to let the kids know that tooth fairy will only appear up before the kids turn 12 years old. My kids believe in them too, but the tooth fairy only gave them a dollar each. It reminds me I have to remember to leave a fairy note and a santa note to my kids before a certain age and tells them that visitation rights are only limited to those before 12 years old (or 10 ??)

bp said...

Maybe the tooth fairy or godmom can leave S a nice little note, and in place of $, how about an offer for a treat of some kind?

It's really brave of S to have gone through with the op, so something to encourage her will be extra sweet! =)

stay-at-home mum said...

i try my and I try.

Hey Ag
There is a book which I got my oldest that said that santa does not bring pressies once they turn 8. I told her she only gets them becoz she has younger siblings and santa feels bad if they get and she doesnt. I must find the book and author and so you can go look for it.

Hi bp
She is at the age where she looks forward to $$, coz she knows what she can buy with it!!

Sweetiepie said...

My daughters believe in tooth fairy.Since she is 12 now i think you can tell her that tooth fairy exist for small kid.Maybe you can give her a special gift for her braveness in tooth extraction.Tell her that it's from you and hubby.

AG said...


Yes, please find the author and the title of the book so I can let the kids know. Thanks.

constance said...

my girls believe in tooth fairies too. and instead of money, i put little prezzies under their pillow. mostly like a nice little toothbrush, stationary, or things they need. there was once where i forgot about it for three nights so she was so disappointed for three mornings! she kept feeling under the pillow like middle of the night! i gave her a bigger prezzie to make up for it.

doc said...

what!!?? the tooth fairy is a guy???

ok, back to the drawing board.

Judy said...

Hahaha, my kids never believed in tooth fairy but they still like to put their fallen teeth under the pillow or in a tooth box knowing that this will bring them some extra cash.

When my daughter was 11, she had 6 teeth out in one go and I just gave her ££ to praise her for being brave. :)

bp said...

Sigh... know what you mean when our kids start asking for the $, my older boy is also like that already.