Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Emotional with age

Do people get more emotional with age?

I find that I have.

Just reading touching stories in the newspapers or magazines can bring tears to my eyes. Dont even talk about sad movies!! It's like it is happening to me. I can feel exactly how the other party feels. I can emphatise and sympathise with them. And I can cry. Even talking about my lost ring to a friend brought a lump to my throat.

A friend shared with me that she too has become more emotional. When she saw the Sept 11 events on the news in 2001, she said:"tears just flowed down my cheeks like the foodgates were open." And when she heard the news of the tsunami in 2004, she couldnt stop herself again.

How come, ah? I never used to be so emotional. In fact, I used to be pretty tough, never showing much emotions. Just like a crab. But now I am soppy. Are my hormones playing tricks on me? and as a result I am more in touch with my feelings. Or is it beause of motherhood? Or what?

Have you become more emotional like me?


mumsgather said...

After becoming a mother, I've become more emotional in the sense that when I read about other ppl's loss, I can actually feel their loss.

Ling That's Me said...

eh SAHM, hw old are you ah? :p if we are abt the same age, then I can answer your Qn mah...hehehe...

joking joking! im alws emotional :D

bp said...

Me also notice the change in myself. Think it's motherhood... the softer side it "brings" out in us? ;p

Sweetiepie said...

I am emotional too.I can cry very easily if i watch a sad movie or even a sad story.I think it's due to depression..:(

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi mumsgather and bp
I also think its motherhood!

Hey Ling
Not how old, but how young?
Anyway, I think I am much much older than you!! I started late. some of my friends are almost grandmas already!!

hey sweetiepie
I dont think its depression. we are just more in touch with our feelings!! So for you, try not to watch too many sad movies ok. Be happy!!

Jonzz said...

Everyone is emotional in one way or another. Some hide it while others are more open.

mott said...

Errm... Guilty.

Not sure why also. I used to be able to watch movies without tears. sad story aso can cry!

APALAH ME! hee hee...