Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Snoring Hubby

Does your hubby snore? Can you sleep when he snores?

Well, my hubby snores, and it gets really bad when he is very tired. Which is like every week night coz he works such long hours.

So what should wives do when the snoring affects them?

Buy those special pillows that cost an arm and a leg. Believe me, it does not work.

Wear ear plugs. This does not work either coz you are in such close proximity, and ear plugs arent the most comfortable thing to wear when sleeping.

Sew a pocket at the back of his sleep shirt and put a ball there, coz research has shown that sleeping on the side stops the snoring. Not true. Even when he is on his side he still snores.

Actually, I think there is eally no cure to that snoring when they are really tired. Even my son snores when he is really tired. So what can we do short of sleeping in another room?

Well, I make sure I am sound asleep before he even starts to snore. So, in my slumber, I dont even hear that snoring. Alternatively, treat it like a "white noise" which can lull you to sleep. You just have to psycho yourself that the snore is a white noise and soon you will have no problems sleeping!!


Constance said...

Mine snore BIG time! sigh ... Sometimes it gets so bad, i feel so geram like want to suffocate him or muffle him with the

It's like it has different personality. It goes into different pitches and ends with a hissing sound..YIKES! maybe i should ask him to go for hynotherapy next because nothing works. We should both record and make an assemble out of it! *wink*

Iml said...

Every time I am awaken by the snoring, will give him a nudge. This will normally makes him change his sleeping position and the snoring stops, for a while.

Sweetiepie said...

My hubby snores a lot in the night too and I can't really sleep when he come back early and sleep with me.Stress and too tired could be one of the reason too.

Judy said...

Hahaha, does my husband snore? YES!!

He has kept me awake or woken me up many times. While you push him to one side, he continues to sleep though the snoring stopped but I lay awake trying to sleep.

His nose operation worked for a short period but the snoring is back.

I Cook4Fun said...

Talking about snoring I remember this conversation over the radio. The DJ asked people to call in about snoring and all the women called in and complaint about their husband snoring. Then one lady called and said when your husband snores next to you at least you know he is there with you and she said she no longer can hear her husband snoring because he passed away not too long ago. She just wish she can hear his snores again. So from then on I never complain about my husband snoring.

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess we all have snoring husbands!!
I guess icook4fun is so right, better snoring next to us than with someone else, not?

stanley said...

Better to have a snoring husband than a philandering one!!

GarGies said...

Lucky for me, my hubby doesn't snore, unless he's damn tired, which is like once in a blue moon. He's the kind where he would be sleeping like a pig even before his head hits the pillow, so he rests mighty fully every night.

So, for those times when blue moon comes, I had pinched his nose closed until he woke up.. haha..

If it came on back again, I will wake him up and tell him to stay awake until I slept first! haha..

Yeah, I'm not a very loving wife, I know. But isn't it that we should love ourselves first??? hehe..