Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Great Helper

For the past week, this great helper of mine has been doing so much to help me with Little D. You see, Little D is at the age where she is testing boundaries and trying to rebel. Everything that I tell her, most likely she will refuse to do it or she will do the opposite. Can you believe, at this age she still wakes up for night feeds. I know she doesnt need it, coz when she wakes up for the feeds, she ends up with no appetite for breakfast. But I cant seem to discourage her from waking up at night.

In steps my great helper. She tells Little D: If you wake up for milk, mummy will be so tired, she will not be able to bring you to New York for a holiday. (Yes! Little D wants to go to NY). Guess what? Hey presto! Little D has not been waking up for the past 6 nights for night feeds, and she feeds so well at breakfast! Its not that I have not used the same words on her. I did, but it did not work.

Every night, at bedtime, I will face resistance from Little D. She wouldnt want to change into her pyjamas, she doesnt want to go to the loo, she doesnt want to brush her teeth. I know she is stalling for time as she wants a later bedtime. In steps my great helper. She tells Little D to do all of those, and hey presto! Little D has done it. She will then read Little D her bedtime story, give her the last bottle of milk for the day, waits till she finishes her milk, clears the bottle and then this great helper of mine goes to bed.

{Why is it when I tell Little D nicely, entice her, and even threaten her (only sometimes), she still wont do it? But when this great helper of mine just asks her, she does it? I think she is trying to break free from me.}

I am so glad I have this great helper. If not, I can just imagine the struggles I have with Little D each night. And, at the end of a long day, I am just so tired and not the most patient person around. This great helper is none other than my daugther S!!


Ling That's Me said...

what a good girl you have there! :) must reward S ok?

Iml said...

Truly a caring daughter and a loving sister in the making.

bp said...

Well done S, what a great big sister she is!=)

Yan said...

Really a darling S, and a loving Jie-jie.

just me said...

May I borrow "S" ?

Good work, S!

tigerfish said...

Your daughter is very capable!