Friday, April 4, 2008


Yes! T.G.I.F.

The two older kids are home - coz its sports day for the upper primary, and since N does not need to go, I told S to stay home too. She was a little concerned as its supposed to be compulsory for the upper primary children. But to save me the hassle of having to pick and send just one kid, I told her to take the time to sleep in late, do her homework, and recharge. With a busy school year, and an equally busy co-curricular activities calendar (because of tournaments) today is one of the few chances that she gets to relax and recharge!

Little D is, of course, in school!

I then accepted an invitation from my ex-colleagues to join them for lunch today. I have not seen them since November last year!!! So I, too, get to relax and recharge.

Have a great weekend!!



Constance said...

wahhha u also like xperia too. i even posted it on my blog. same choice. Xperial or iPhone. see which is cheaper and better deal with my Singtel!

bp said...

You enjoy your weekend too! Thanks for your suggestions on what I can make, and heeding your advice to steer off popiah!