Monday, April 14, 2008

Fickle Mum

I am trying to train my oldest girl, S, now 12.

Everytime we go out, she is quite happy to go out empty handed. Why? No need to worry about leaving anything behind. Anyway, if she needs anything, Mum and Dad are there, and all she has to do is ask.

I want her to learn to bring her own things when she goes out: her wallet, some tissues (in case there is no toilet paper when she needs to visit the loo), her mobile (in case we get separated or my phone runs out of battery).

So everytime before we leave home, you will hear me asking: Did you bring your wallet? How about your mobile? Is it charged? Tissues?

Sometimes she remembers, sometimes she forgets.

My problem now is everytime before we go out, Little D will say: "Mummy can you help me find my mobile? Where is my wallet? I need some tissues!" She even insists on wearing her big fashionista ring when we go out.

Why is that a problem? Because I am not sure where she has left her things, and when she brings all these things, I have to keep a look out for them to make sure she doesnt leave it behind, which is fairly likely!

So, I end up telling her not to bring them or to bring only one thing (so that I have less to keep track of). But she reminds me: "You always remind jie jie to bring them, what!"

Guess she must be thinking: Will this fickle Mum please make up her mind?? Want us to learn to bring our own things or not?!!



Ling That's Me said...

hahaha...there's always cases whereby we want the older child to learn, yet the youngest child is too young to start learning just at yet... so contradicting huh? :)

GarGies said...

Haha.. this post tickles me.

JO-N said...

Hmm... I have a similar problem now with my son. Everyday before going to school, I have to ask him the same question: Have you taken your pencil box, water tumbler, food container...?

Well, if I don't say, he will forget. Now, I'm changing my approach. I would tell him: You are a big boy now and you know what to do everyday. I don't need to remind you, right?

One day, after lunch (he's in the afternoon session), he sat there watching TV. He has forgotten to put on his uniform and get ready for school. So, I took the car key and said: It's time for school. I opened the door and he panicked. He did everything super fast and hopped into the car.

I tell myself that I'm just saying too much and he's too dependent on me. I got to change.

JO-N said...

Sorry, forgot to tell you that I have a pink heart tag for you:

bp said...

Hahaha! D is so cute!

S sounds like me, having to remind myself... to make sure I have the same things on me! LOL!