Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Trip to the zoo

Little D's class had a field trip to the zoo yesterday, and I went along as a parent volunteer. Though it was only the morning that we were there, we spent most of the time in the fragile forest and saw soooo much.

These ring-tailed lemurs were actually posing for photos.

The children were really awed by the bats as they were so near, and when it flew by, it literally touched the tops of our heads. Actually it did touch the top of my head, and I almost freaked out. But had to pretend to keep my cool so as not to scare the little ones!! LOL!

Also in the fragile forest, the butterflies were so close, they could touch them. I believe they put some nectar or whatever on the stands which attracted the butterflies to it.

And this mousedeer was almost frightened by the children. Many tried to stretch out to touch it.

The children also got to see the Macaws up close.


Yan said...

Having been there, the Singapore Zoo, so many times, I seem to miss all those "small ones"!

Glad that I see them through your lens and your words!

I must look at details during my next trip. :)

Hazel said...

hi, a simple Pink Heart Tag for u. Have a nice day

Iml said...

May be humid, hot and sunny, but I like to visit the zoo once awhile with the children. The cool watering holes, palatable food are an irresistable stop over to recharge

bp said...

What a fruitful trip! Thanks for sharing these nice pictures!

Is that ring-tailed animal a lemur? There's a kid's TV program with a lemur called Zoboomafoo (which is the program's title) as its mascot... wonder if you have it in S'pore? Ben really likes it, because it's about animals, and pretty educational too! Maybe D will like the show also?

stay-at-home mum said...

hey bp! You are right. its the lemur - I went back to school to ask the teacher - sheepishly!!
No, we dont have that show here - unfortunately.

Iml - it sure was hot and humid that day!! The kids were realy good when with the school. they didnot insist on KFC!

Hi Yan
We only went to the fragile forest as we did not have much time, and with the kids being quite young, too much walking would tire the adults out! Do give the fragile forest a visit the next time, as there was also a sloth with its young that was so close, that I was busy keeping an eye as some of the kids were trying to reach out to touch it, that I did not manage to get a photo of it.