Monday, March 5, 2007

My little girl turns 11!!

My oldest daughter, S turned 11 over the lunar new year holidays. I just can't believe it! How time flies. I remember how precious she was when she was first born. So tiny and helpless. She was extra special, as we tried for a child for a long time, and after a miscarriage, we were blessed with her. Now, 11, confident, and mature. She did not want a party. Just a small gathering of close friends for tea. I was really surprised when she wanted to invite her best friend, JW, from Grade 1. Since she changed schools, she had not been in touch with JW for more than a year, and she remembered her when she was going to have this little 'celebration'. I was happy that she did, and even happier that JW could make it. Good Friendship withstands the test of time and distance! She had an enjoyable day with her few close friends, chatting and playing some board and card games. Our little princess has grown up!

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