Monday, March 26, 2007

Spending Time with the Kids

Our days are filled with numerous activities, but how much time do we actually spend with our kids doing things that they really enjoy? Not much.

Our typical week is filled with loads of school related activities, enrichment classes and chess. Though my kids love to play chess, sometimes it becomes a chore. But since we are "committed" to seeing them excel at the game, we push and shove, that I feel that we sometimes take the fun out of it for them. We put pressure on them to excel during tournaments, prep them, give them pep talks in between games, bribe them with rewards if they do well, etc. And, on top of all that - they have home work on it from their personal trainer!!

I feel that spending time with the kids becomes quality time only if they truly enjoy it. Like when we brought them to the beach last week. We did not have much time, but we decided to go anyway. Just half an hour there. They stood by the sea shore, waiting for the waves to wash up, wetting their feet, picking sea shells. Getting their butts wet, when they stooped down to pick up a stone at the moment the wave washed in. They had a good time.
Having a bubble bath together, blowing bubbles in the garden, just playing under the shower ( i know, lots of water is wasted!), baking cookies (which all my 3 children really enjoy), or just running around in the garden. These are the simple things that children enjoy. And these are the things that they will remember for a long time to come.

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