Monday, March 19, 2007

New Car, they can deliver fast!

Hubby decided that we had to change my car. My old one was fast approaching 5 years old. One Sunday morning, after dropping N off at Mandarin class, we went to test drive. We went to the Volvo showroom. Test drove the S60. I was quite happy with it. Test drove the Honda Odyssey too, but was not too comfortable with it. The pick-up was just too slow for me, and me, with the heavy foot, was just not happy. Also, I was not quite ready to be confirmed a definite "mama" with a MPV, tho the extra space would have been helpful. Went back to the Saab showroom, and was told that there was a new 95 model. Test drove it and found it really agile, and sure was better driving than my current 95. Smooth, and powerful. Could not decide between the Volvo and the Saab. Price-wise, the Saab was marginally more expensive. The Volvo salesperson, eager to close the sale, promised us delivery before CNY (which was a mere week away), and to put in the park assist for free. Spoke to the salesperson at Saab, but he said to deliver before Chinese New Year was tough, and he could not lower the price even though we were repeat customers!! Then we told him about Volvo's offer. He hee'd and haw'd. I wanted the Volvo. Hubby was undecided, indifferent actually. Hubby called his friend who is a car salesman with Nissan for his opinion. He said that Saab was the better car. Waited for the Saab salesman to match Volvo's offer. Guess what! He decided to give us an over-trade on our old car, and deliver it before CNY. Hubby signed the deal. What a surprise. Our new car arrived on the Thursday before CNY, a mere 4 days after placing the order. It simply goes to show - if they want the sale badly enough, they will bend backwards to do anything for the customer. So, we had a new car for CNY!

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