Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Almost there!

Yes, I am almost there! I only have half a day of work left, this afternoon.

What work? Thot you were a SAHM?

Yeah, la. Working with my son and drilling him for his exams. His exams end tomorrow. So I only have half a day left, this afternoon, to work with him on his maths before we are done with school work for this year.

Most of you would be wondering why I am so worked up about it. Well, its because he is not at all! In fact, last evening he told me that he was not going to school on wednesday. He would go instead on Thursday and do his math paper then. Why? Because he wanted to watch David Copperfield on TV on tuesday night, and if he did not have an exam on wednesday, I would let him watch it, he reckoned!

If only he plans ahead for his school work the way he does for his TV shows, then I wouldnt have to worry so much.

I really dislike the education system here. Much as it turns out kids that are supposedly well ahead of those from other countries, I feel that it is too exam oriented. It is not well rounded enough. Streaming starts too early. But, what can I do? I am just an individual with no powers. So, my kids just have to go with it. I do what I can on my own end. AND I am all stressed out because of it!!


Iml said...
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stay-at-home mum said...

All the best to your kids for their exams, iml!

Iml said...

Oops! I meant: mine has two more days to go. My apologies. See what I mean, Stressed out!!!

NomadicMom said...

Your son so funny. I guessed he is just pushing his luck to see if he can ponteng Wednesday since no papers on that day. Hee hee..

I supposed too exam orientated is NO good. But NO exams Lagi NO good. My boys have no exams one leh.. Only statuatory assessments in Year 2 and Year 6.

bp said...

Yay, now that the exams have ended, you can de-stress... and go chill out? I know what you mean about us parents having to be more "kan-cheong", especially when our kids take it way too easy. My elder one is also very relaxed.

stay-at-home mum said...

He just want to ponteng! There is a math paper that day, but he wants to do it a day later!! You are right, no exams also no good. But I wish they would be kan-choeng about their own exams.

Yes, I need to de-stress now!

tigerfish said...

Aiyo, kids have exams, parents are stressed! I thot Singapore edu system is already changing for the better...looks like it's not true!

eastcoastlife said...

Tell me about it!

I have been tutoring my niece (actually my brother just conveniently dumped her with me after my accident in July. I was houseridden for 2 months mah) who had her PSLE this year. Then preparing my foreign students for their N and O levels.

These few months have been screaming, yelling, shouting and tearing my hair out. You have only one son to tutor, I have almost 20 children, all except one is mine. These children just don't seem to care about the exams. I just wanna go for a holiday!

mott said...

u stressed? I'm stressed! plus n minuses - i'm already stressing! and he's only 5!

in asian countries, it's quite exam oriented somehow.

stay-at-home mum said...

Singapore school system has changed a little, but not enough, I find. Also my stress stems from the fact that they take things too easy. If they worried a bit, then I wont have to worry.

I haev 2 school going kids. Older daughter, I not so stress, coz she is quite independent and works on her own. Just the occasional nag and reminding. Its the son thats the worry!

5 years old - too early to be stressed. Anyway u are going to australia. All those that I know that have gone there are very happy with the education system there! So dont stress, esp when you are preggers.