Monday, October 1, 2007

Children's Day!

Yes, it's Children's Day today! So, Mums and Dads - how do you celebrate Children's Day with your kids? You don't???!!? Why not?

We celebrate Father's day and Mother's Day with special things done for Mums and Dads. So, why nothing for the kids on Children's Day? Not Fair!!

In my family, we do. Sssshh. The kids are sleeping in today. (Haha - so now I can blog with no disturbance even though they are home.) They have their favourite breakfast waiting for them. After that, we will do something of their choice - a movie, maybe, or a swim or maybe lunch at a restaurant of their choice. Go on - make your child's day. Do something special with them. Don't just leave the celebrations to the teachers and the school. It's little things like this that helps us to bond with them, and make them want to make that effort for us on our special day. Anyway, we also get to enjoy whatever we do with them.

Happy Children's Day to all! (hey, everyone is their parent's child, so everyone celebrates this day!!)


Kelly Mahoney said...

Ha, when I was younger and found out that some parts of the world had Children's Day, my mom rolled her eyes and said "In this house, every day is children's day."


bp said...

Happy Children's Day to you too!

Eh, how come there isn't an equivalent one here? I like what Kelly Mahoney's mom says!

NomadicMom said...

Too late liow....Tuesday now. Some more yesterday we have very plain food. Hahahha