Saturday, October 13, 2007


Have you ever met a little boy who was really in touch with others' feelings?

Well, I know of one. When he was 4, he would skip his favourite lesson in pre-school, "speech and drama", just to sit with a classmate and hold his classmate's hand - just because that boy, who had a speech impediment, hated that lesson. His teacher was really surprised by his actions, considering his young age.

At 6, After he finished his work in class, he would sit with the slower students and help them check their work. He would patiently explain mandarin words to his non-chinese friends.

He also makes friends very easily with any and everyone. Sitting in the car, whilst his mother drove him around, he would be waving to construction workers, bus drivers, road sweepers, garbage collectors.

He is what you would call a SNAG - sensitive new age guy.

This "little" boy, came into the world 8 years ago on this day. He is the apple of his grandpa's eye and a good friend to everyone who knows him - my son, N. A future chess champion, I hope!

Happy Birthday, Son. May the Lord Bless you with good health and happiness today and always!


Firehorse said...

Happy Birthday to your special boy!! From what you've describe he sounds like a real treasure :o)
He's gonna be one handsome guy too.

Iml said...

You must be very proud of him.
Happy birthday N!!!

bp said...

A very Happy Birthday to N!

Have a wonderful celebration, y'all... and enjoy your long weekend!

Bkworm said...

Happy Birthday to N!! Truly a blessing from God :)

NomadicMom said...


Looks very matured for a 8 year old boy!!

mott said...

Happy 8th year, N!!!!

What a really considerate guy...your mum is a good teacher!

Jonzz said...

Oh that's your son! You must be very proud of him.

Happy Belated Birthday, N!