Friday, November 2, 2007

Are you a Motormouth?

What is a motormouth? It is someone who talks incessantly. But the definiton was changed slightly for the TV show: Motormouth USA. It was shown on Singapore TV not so long ago. Here's how it works: It catches people who sing in their car when they thought nobody was listening? The producers take to the streets, traveling the country two cities at a time, in search of America's "most entertaining" singers and most outrageous drivers.

In Round One, they catch unsuspecting drivers singing alone. In Round Two, these clueless crooners are joined by their friends, who set them up-encouraging their singing and ridiculous behavior. In round three, they ambush these dashboard divas and reveal that they have been caught singing on national television. In each town they choose the number one Motormouth and at the end of each episode, these two local loudmouths square off as they crown that episode's Ultimate Motormouth.

It was really entertaining and hilarious watching them.

My daughter thinks I should be on motormouth. Why? Because I love to sing along with the radio in the car.

"How come you know all the songs?" she would ask me.

I dont!! Some how, lyrics and tunes tend to stick in my head. I can sing along - but if you were to ask me for the title or singer, I have no clue. I simply enjoy singing along - it makes a journey less boring, it keeps me occupied, and when I am singing, I drown out the arguing that takes place between the kids. Ha! With my singing, they can't get a word in. So, it's my secret weapon.

Are you a motormouth too?


Anonymous said...

I like to sing in the car too!

NomadicMom said...

Me Three!!!