Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Insomnia is a sleeping disorder characterized by the inability to fall asleep and/or the inability to remain asleep for a reasonable amount of time.
Source: Wikipedia

Recently, I have been unable to sleep as well as I used to. If I am disturbed in the middle of the night, which is fairly easy since I am a very light sleeper, I will end up being awake the rest of the night. Even with no disturbances, I find that I am up by about 4.30am most mornings. Why? I am one who loves my sleep! Am I suffering from insomnia? And, does it come with age?

I remember we used to tease my dad. He used to fall asleep as soon as he turned on the TV, never mind what time it was. I also remember that he would be awake very early in the mornings, before 5am, and he would be reading. We used to say that he slept too much in front of the TV that he was unable to sleep in, in the morning.

Now, I have a similar problem. By 9pm, I feel so tired, I just want to go to bed. Even if I go to bed late, I still wake up early. Fortunately, I am not so grumpy nowadays even though I dont sleep as much.

Many insomniacs rely on sleeping tablets and other sedatives to get rest. But I dont intend to take that route. Even after a nice glass of Moscato last Sunday evening, I was up by 5am the next day. Why? Is it old age? Or is it pay back time for making fun of my dad when I was young? Just Let me sleep!!!


Iml said...

Definately not insomnia. Just your internal clock taking over.
Our body is going back to basic. Early to bed to be up in time to breathe in the fresh morning air.
I should know. I am having this problem too.

janet said...

yeah, it's probably your body clock. :) have the same problem, only i couldn't sleep early now (that i have two kids) which i used to do before (when I was single).

janet said...

btw, i love reading your blog. is it okay to add you up in my links? thanks!

bp said...

Yes, this sleep thing bothers me, too. But I guess if you feel rested, it's OK and like you said, don't go the sleeping pill route.

For me, I'm trying to sleep earlier, becoz always interrupted by little one in the middle of the nite, and I don't get a good sleep. But I noticed when I sleep earlier, I wake up earlier, too! But I'm trying to put in more sleep!

mott said...

I'd just lie in bed, even if I woke up early. Just rest. ;-)

Chen said...

i seldom have insomnia. Only have it once in a blue moon, or sleeping at a new place etc.

Las montaƱas said...

Have a regular exercise program. It helps to regulate sleep.