Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 in Review

2007 has been a very busy and blessed year for us.

The year started with Little D starting Nursery 1. What a tumultous first term for me when she cried every day of that 10 weeks, except Day 1. However, she eventually got used to the idea of going to school, and has loved it since. Thanks a great deal to her wonderful teacher, Mrs Geeta Singh.

This year also saw my son changing schools to be in the same school as his older sister. This change resulted in me having a chance to sleep in late while hubby sent both kids to school. It also meant that hubby could enjoy his lunch hour whilst I did the duty of picking the kids home from school. (Previously, both of us would leave together in the mornings, each going in a different direction, sending a child to school. Dismissal time meant both of us waiting at their respective schools to pick them home.)

January also saw the birth of my new baby, this blog. It has made me new friends and kept me busy and occupied. It also gave me a chance to destress via a different means.

This year also saw us holidaying in Malaysia. We had not done it for more than 8 years. We spent a week in Penang during the June hols, where we enjoyed the sun, sand and sea! We made another trip in December, but it was for a more serious matter - chess.

We did not entertain as much at home this year, due to the children's school and chess workload getting increasingly heavy. However, what we did do for ourselves and the kids was to have many, many Bar-be-ques at home. The children really enjoy the BBQs, the best part being the toasted marshmallows at the end!

Hubby and I tried our best to have "our own" time during the year. This mainly comprised some wonderful meals with good friends, good food and good wine. Maybe next year, we can try to holiday without the kids!! (Wishful thinking, I think!)

There was a wake-up call for me health-wise when my health review showed that my cholesterol level was high. After keeping a close watch on my diet, and changing it towards a heathier one, with more vegetables and fruits, I am glad that I am now able to enjoy my little food indulgences without much worry!

I was fortunate that I was able to meet up a couple of times with my friends, both from school and work, during the year. All this was made possible, courtesy of my very gracious mother-in-law, who took care of the baby-sitting each time I went for a girls night out!

Towards the end of the academic school year, our children rewarded us with good grades. It made us please to know that all the effort that we put in to help them during the year did not go to waste, including all that home-made chicken essence Grandma made for them!

The year-end saw us holidaying in Perth, where the kids had a good time catching up with their cousin who moved there in January this year. It also saw the first time Little D had a sleep-over, without needing me to be lurking around near-by!

The children also joined in hubby's office christmas party for the 1st time. I thought it was such a wonderful gesture to invite the families. The kids have been by hubby's office, but never really going in. So they were thrilled when they could swivel in his chair, enjoy the view of the CBD from his window, and the best part for them was seeing the number of computer screens on his desk, an unbelievable 8 in total!! They were like - wow! can play 8 different computer games at the same time!

How time flies, and how fast the children grow. Another year is almost over. We thank God for all his blessings on us and the family during the past year. We look forward to another God-Blessed year in 2008.

May you be filled with God's Blessings in the coming New Year!



Ling That's Me said...

hey, im also trying to do a post on my 2007 :D glad that u have a good 2007 :)

May your Year 2008 b a good one

bp said...

What a fruitful year for you and your family! Well done, SAHM for the excellent job you're doing, and so well-rounded a life you lead! Thank you too for the inspiration you are, and your heartfelt sharing especially, of true stories from your life =)

May God continue to bless you and yours richly in the New Year, over and above what you imagine!

mumsgather said...

Happy New Year to you and yours Stay At Home Mum. Cheers!

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Firehorse aka Kopi Soh said...

Hapi New Year!!!!

Iml said...

Happy New Year!! You have done well.