Monday, December 10, 2007

A Gift from God (part 3)

Many questions kept swirling round the wife’s mind. Will her precious daughter be able to accept her physical disability when she grows up? How will she look after herself in old age, should she suffer from a severe form of OI? How much will she need to pay for her medical care in future? Will her siblings be willing to take care of her when her parents leave this world? Will she be ridiculed by her friends when she starts school? Will she be able to even start school? All these questions could not be answered at that time.

Fortunately, the baby did not suffer any fractures during that fall (mentioned in the previous post). The mother observed that this baby had a very high tolerance level for pain. (The baby never cried after each vaccination.) But, she also noticed that this baby hardly smiled. She wondered why? Was her poor baby in so much pain that she could not even smile? No one knew.

At about one year of age, they noticed that the child had very bow legs and was pigeon toed. A visit to the specialist indicated that her left leg was shorter than the right by about one to two cm. They were told that the child could end up walking with a limb if this difference increased significantly. If it was a small difference, special shoes could correct the difference. With this, the Mum started a series of leg massages for the child every day. Not certain that it would work, but praying that whatever little they did could help the bow in her legs straighten out.

They tried to introduce the child to a diet high in calcium - lots of fish bone soup. However, this child, with highly sophisticated taste buds, refused a common baby diet - no porridge, no rice cereals, no same food for two consecutive meals!! She wanted what everyone else was eating or she would not open her mouth. And, at 9 months!! The parents knew they had a difficult child on hand, even without the medical problems!

At 2 years, the child went for a bone mineral (BM) density test. Whilst there are no data on what the BM level of a two year old should be, the test indicated that the child's BM was not alarming low. Phew! It was a relief for the parents.

Whilst they are not able to buy any insurance for this child, you would be pleased to know, that the doctors have now concluded that she probably suffers from a mild form of OI. And, they are really relieved, coz this little girl, simply loves doing all things dangerous - jumping from stairs, sliding down from sofas, jumping on beds, etc.(just like her brother). She does not demonstrate any other symptoms of OI and goes to school and is disciplined like the other children. And, her femur has since straightened out, and her two legs are now of the same length! Now, she even goes on the slide!! You will be happy to know that she now smiles a lot!

She has brought lots of joy and laughter to her home with her constant singing, incessant talking and laughter. She has taught the family how to be thankful for all the simple joys in life, and to count their blessings.

However, the parents are still constantly monitoring the child, and on the look out for any signs that may indicate that life has handed them another screw ball.

After 3 years, her mother is now able to talk about it a little, without getting too emotional. However, there is one BIG question that is still constantly on her mind: Could it have been a wrong diagnosis?? No one knows. But the poor child will be branded for life as suffering from OI, and will always live with the uncertainty of when OI will rear its ugly head again.

This Gift from God turns 3 today! May God continue to pour his Blessings on her!


bp said...

Are Happy Birthday to precious D, in order?

I know I'm guessing here, and don't want to pre-empt your revelation, but if I'm right, thank you for sharing this story from your heart! God bless you and your wonderful family!

eastcoastlife said...

It really is tough on the parents when their child has a medical condition. Just like my son. Up to now, the specialists we see have not a clue what's wrong. And his NS is approaching soon.

He looks normal and is fine on most days but he would have difficulty breathing and blackout once in a blue moon. We are always worried he would never wake up one day.....

Anonymous said...

God Bless them all, especially the little girl!

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi ecl
Now's the time to get a friendly specialist to find out what's wrong with your son. then he may get exempted from NS :p

bp and anon ;)

bp said...

*pat you on your back*
You did great! Your whole family did great! Look how great D is doing, and praise God.. He is great!

Shannon's Mummy said...

Yes! God bless the little girl.. :)

Iml said...

I am sure with you by her side, she will grow up to be a fine young lady.
My eldest daughter shares the same date with her. She turned 17 on the 10th.

Stardust said...

Dear SAHM,

Firstly I apologize for all the mindless suggestions made for lil D in the past while assuming that you were unneccessarily protective. I realize how wrong I am after finding out your journey. Please forgive all my unthoughtful comments made. My heart blesses precious lil D and your family. Surely the Lord cares more and is watching over your house with grace. Pray that lil D will blossom stronger physically with years in God's grace, while receiving love and favor from all around. Bless her head to toes.

And bless your hands, for all those massages, efforts and care. Bless your motherly heart. Surely the Lord will make everything beautiful for those who hope in Him. Amen.