Wednesday, December 19, 2007

'Tis the season to go shopping

The weather was beautiful this morning. The sun was up, and I was feeling a bit better, so we went down to town. The queue to go into the car park was already there, and it was just 10.05am. Looks like lots of others have decided to do the same, to start shopping early. As for me, I have no choice, coz Little D needs to take a nap, and if I dont start off early, I will not be able to get any shopping done.

Our 1st stop was the bookstore. Oooh! I love visiting bookstores - Kino, Borders, MPH. I like them in that order. Sent MIL to the cookbook section to look for her / my favourite cookbooks. Look at what we ended up with.

Dont tell her, but this will be her christmas present.

Meanwhile, I went with the kids to the Childrens section. I found quite a few books, by Little D's favourite author, which we did not have. So into the basket it went. That takes care of Little D's christmas present.

I also found something for S, but I am not posting it here, coz I know she reads my blog. Ssshhh.

Then it was off to get some lunch, and then we headed home. Three down, and many more to go. Hope I have enough days to shop before Christmas!!


nyonyapenang said...

As Christmas Day gets nearer, the crowd gets bigger. Just a short trip to the mall and I'll come home all pooped.

Iml said...

Yippee!!!! You have recovered!!! Just in time for the last minute christmas shopping.

tigerfish said...

Shopping means you are well! Yay!
For the matter of crowds, I don't really like Borders in Singapore. Too many people sitting around. But may have changed. Long time since I visited Borders back in Sg. I like the Borders in the States though.

Chev said...

glad to know that u have recovered. Few more days to go before Christmas :)

bp said...

All such lovely gifts!

I like to give books too, especially to kids.... read and read, and enjoy over and over again!

eastcoastlife said...

So many cookbooks, going to cook up a storm ah!