Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ear Piercing

Little D had been bugging me to let her get her ears pierced. So this morning, we trotted off to the shop for her to get it done.

First, the lady applied some gel on her ears. This was meant to numb the ears. She told us to go take a walk and be back in 10 minutes. Little D was so excited she did not want to leave the shop. Instead we spent the 10 minutes browsing through the shop, and selecting her ear-rings. After that, the lady marked Little D's ears with a marker - to indicate the spot where the ear piercing would be. The ear-rings came in a sterile pre-pack, and were affixed to a device that looked like a stapler to me.

The lady then used the device and "stapled" little D's ears. Little D cried aloud for like 2 seconds and then stopped. Her brother and sister ran away when it happened. Then the lady did the other ear, and Little D gave another short shout.

And, Little D went home proudly wearing her new ear-rings.

My older Daughter S, refused to have her ears pierced.


tigerfish said...

I don't have my ears pierced too!
I think I belong to the minority :P
Now when I'm old, I'm scared of the pain....
So, it's better to pierce when one is younger.

Judy said...

Ah, brings back memories.

How old is little D? I think it is much better to have them done when they are younger.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi tigerfish
its really not that painful, or little D would have cried for a long time. Think of all those beautiful ear-rings you can wear after 3 seconds of pain.

Hi Judy
Little D is 3, and so happy with her ear-rings!!

doc said...

is this the reason that the phrase "Vanity, thy name is woman" was created?

eastcoastlife said...

I had my ears pierced when I was 18. I was so scared of the pain then.

But actually not very painful leh.

Yahhhh.... a few seconds of pain and years of showing off beautiful ear-rings. hyuk hyuk hyuk......

bp said...

Little D must be grinning from ear to ear... literally! =)

Shannon's Mummy said...

Wow.. Little D so brave ya! Mine closed long time ago and I do not have courage to do it again.. hehe