Sunday, December 16, 2007

Our Christmas Tree is finally up!!

Yes, our christmas tree is finally up.

The last two years, we only had a small singing christmas tree put up. Did not want the hassle of putting up and taking down the Christmas tree. Not with three kids to look after. Now that little D is a little older, we decided that we will put up a regular sized christmas tree.

After all those chess competitions, we finally managed to find the time to go down to the nursery to look for a tree, last Thursday. We were deciding between buying one of those Norwegian Fir trees or to buy a real pine tree (to plant it in the garden and to string outdoor lights on it). That would be environmentally friendly decision - or to put up a fake tree. My son claims to be allergic to the fir trees as he does not like the smell. But that was the lure for me, having had real trees in our apartment for Christmas when we lived in New York.

So we went home, without getting a tree as we could not agree on what to get. The Norwegian firs that were unsold, were either lob-sided or a little bald (the good ones having already been sold). There were also very few real pine trees for sale. Looks like we have no choice, but to buy one of those fake ones, having thrown away our previous one when we moved house some 3 years ago.

The children were all excited - they wanted one of those fiber optic ones which glowed. But, I thought there were other types that were nicer. Again, we could not agree. People tell me to only let the kids make the decision when they are paying. With only 10 days to christmas, time was running short. If we want to put up one, it had to be this weekend, or not at all, I thought.

Guess what! A christmas tree was delivered to our door step this afternoon. No more decisions to make as to the type, size or height. It was from a delivery company and the best part was that it came with all the decorations on it, and it was FREE!

The kids are happy with the tree, and so am I. Looks like we can delay our decision on the tree to buy to next year. Hopefully by then the children will be more agreeable to my taste.


bp said...

Nice tree, and the decision was made easier ;p

Kelly Mahoney said...

Yay! Last year, we bought a pre-lit tree on clearance. We've always had fake trees, so it doesn't feel un-authentic. Also, it comes together in three pieces and then you just plug it in. The ornaments are more fun that way too.