Thursday, April 26, 2007

My son is driving me nuts!!

What's with boys?? My son is driving me nuts!! And it is over school work. He is in Grade 2, and he still behaves like a preschooler!

Yesterday, he was doing some comprehension homework. He gave one word answers to the questions. And when I asked him why, he said because that is all that is required!! Had to shout, threaten and scold, (almost had to use the cane) before he would change his answers to complete sentences.

Then we went on to math homework. After he had done it, I checked and told him some were wrong, and to attempt them again. I went to take a shower and I came back to take another look. He did the sums again, and got the answer wrong again. Mind you, it was not something difficult but something like what is 3 km 20m plus 2 km 5 m. His answer was 50km 25m. Twice he gave me that answer. And there were many other similar mistakes! Obviously he did not put in any effort in doing his work. because when did 3 plus 2 give you 50? I blew my top. I marched him to the study, and sat next to him. I said: "N! please look carefully before doing the sums. I am going to be very angry!" He did the sums, and got them all right this time round. This is not the first time. He will rush thru' his work in a slip shod manner, and will only do it properly when I am seated next to him!

Why? Why? Why is he like that? I know he knows his work. But he will not do it properly if I am not seated with him. I have two other kids that need my attention, and I do have other things to do, you know? Is it a gender thingy? or is it a birth order thingy? I never had that problem with my older child S, and I dont see having that problem with little D, who can sit by herself and fix her puzzles. I know I should not compare, but it is not that he doesn't know his work. That I can explain to him, but he knows his work, he just will not put in effort to do it properly to get it right if I am not next to him! Urgh!!!! Attention seeking it is, I think!


eastcoastlife said...

He wants attention. And please give some allowance for boys hor.

They are slow starters and they would only blossom when they are in Secondary school, so if you want to shout and yell at him, there are a few more years. :)

Drink more honey, dear.

stay-at-home mum said...

yes, eastcoastlife, but sometimes simply cannot tahan, la! will try harder