Monday, April 23, 2007

Pleasant surprise at the bank!

Have not visited a local bank for ages. The last visit according to my bank records was....(gasp!) 2004. I have just been making use of the quick check deposit facility, and the ATM, and have been avoiding the local banks due to the long, long , long queues. All my other transactions that required a teller were done thru' my other bank account where I am a priority customer, so all I need is to make an appointment, and I walk right in. Even with no appointment, I usually dont have to wait more than 2 minutes. I hate long queues! So when I went last saturday (no choice, had some urgent transaction to do for hubby), what a pleasant surprise it was when I walked right in at 10.50am, to find that there was no queue at all. There were at least 10 counters open. All were occupied, but my wait for a teller was less than 30 seconds! The transaction was completed in a fast an efficient manner. Kudos to the bank for improving on its customer service!! (Note: it was not POSB. My experience with them is that there are still long queues and a long waiting time.)

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