Friday, April 27, 2007

Book Week

Little D's school celebrated bookweek this week. It is to encourage children to read more. I have no problem with that. All my kids love to read, and love being read to. In fact Little D must have us read to her everyday, and she has her favourite books. We read them to her so often, that if we say a wrong word, she will correct us. She knows her favourite books by heart!

Bookweek in school culminates with a character parade. Unfortunately, due to the FHMD outbreak in Singapore, that has been reduced to a small scale, the parade is only in class. It used to be a big one with everyone from Nursery 1s to the K2s taking part, where the character that they come dressed in are announced and they take a walk around the assembly hall. What fun! And I must say, the teachers are very creative. Their costumes are all "home-made" or adapted from what they have hanging in their (or family members') wardrobes or cupboards around their house. In previous years I have seen the tin man from the wizard of oz (made from aluminium foil), the wicked witch, cinderella, captain hook, cat in the hat (dr Seuss), amongst the teachers.
Little D went as Little Red Riding Hood! Her teacher was Papa Bear (from Goldilocks and the 3 bears). Little D was actually afraid of Papa Bear!! Unfortunately for little D, not many of her classmates came dressed up. Some boys came in superman and zorro costumes, one came with a polar bear hat, but the rest were in "home" clothes. One little girl came in school uniform. Poor dear! She felt left out from all the fun.

Little Red Riding Hood with Papa Bear


eastcoastlife said...

hahahaha ..... can see that Little Red Riding Hood is trembling in the arms of Papa Bear! Oh gosh.

It's good that you participated by letting your gal dress up. Some parents just don't bother with these things as they find it so cartoon. But they don't think from the kid's point of view. Their tiny hearts get hurt when they see the other kids enjoying themselves
in their costumes. Never mind if it's a simple one, they get to dress up as someone or some character. Love your kids and be aware of their feelings too.

Love. Hugs for Little Red Riding Hod.

stay-at-home mum said...

yes, it adds to their fun in going to school, and she looks forward to it when there are such occassions!

FireHorse said...

Awww.. lil Red Riding Hood so cute. My son's class use to dress up for different occasions too and like you said sometimes a few parents did not bother to get into the spirit of things not realizing how left out their kids can sometimes feel.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi FireHorse
Thanks for popping by. ;)