Thursday, April 19, 2007

Why do I blog?

After reading eastcoastlife's blog on why she blogs, I have decided to give my reasons too....since she asked....well, here's why I blog:

1. To continue from where I left off previously when I used to write year end letters to all my friends, keeping them abreast with the happenings in my life. Now they can keep up to date on a more regular basis.

2. To practise writing, just in case I should need a job sometime in the future when my kids are all grown up and I am suffering from the empty nest syndrome.

3. To be able to vent out some frustrations on the matters affecting me in some other way then shouting at the kids. Must have some outlet to let off stress, right?

4. To have something which my kids and I can look back on many years from now, and be able to read and laugh about it!! Also, they cannot later in life accuse me of making up stories!!


eastcoastlife said...

I did leave a comment the first time I was here. I think it didn't capture it. Well, here it is again.

Good reasons to start a blog, dearie. Seeing that you have 3 kids, there would be lots to write about. :)

Hope to see more posts. Love.

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks, your comments must have gotten lost coz I did not get it at all.