Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why are we such procrastinators?

Why are we such procrastinators? Why do we wait until the very last minute before we get down to doing something? Eg. why do we wait until 15 April (or 18 april for those that e-file)before we file our tax returns? Why can't we do it earlier? or rather, why don't we do it earlier? ... and then we complain about our inability to log onto the website, about how slow the response time is, or complain about the jams around the Tax office.

Because it is human nature. It is in born. It starts from a very young age. We dont go to the potty until we can't hold the "wee" in any longer. We dont start on our school projects until it is almost due date even though Mum has been shouting at us for the last 3 weeks to get started. We dont start studying for our exams until the week before and find that we do not have enough time, and have to burn the mid-night oil. We dont pump petrol, until the red light for the reserve tank is on.... or maybe it is all the gynae's or the nurses in the delivery wards fault. They tell us...dont go to the delivery ward until your contractions are 5 minutes apart, even though we would love to go earlier...for fear that we deliver on the way to the hospital, esp if it is our first child!! I know, because, when i had my first child, I went early, and got sent home by the nurse!!! I had to go back later when the contractions were much nearer. And paid a heavy ($$$) price for it! So with this "fear" built into us, and the price they make us pay for it, we know, wait until the last minute then do it! ;) Hahaha!

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