Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What a long weekend.....

It's been a very long weekend for me...what with little D down with a bad cold and cough....I have been to the Doc's twice this week already!

Little D was having a bad runny nose on sunday night and did not sleep well. When I brought her to the Docs on Monday, he said it did not look bad, so no medication was necessary. She was active and feeding well, so was not overly concerned. But when tuesday came along, she was all whiny (maybe because Papa was home?), lethargic, eyes tearing, and had no appetite for food....and her nose was "leaking" now! And all 3 kids were home, with homework to supervise, project to complete, exams to prepare for......sigh! And it was supposed to be a public holiday!

Last night, little D, hardly slept, even after I gave her some paracetamol and cough medicine. She looked terribly uncomfortable, and was crying when she woke...which was unlike her. So another visit to the Docs. He said her lungs were clear, no ear infection, nothing, except for an inflamed throat and the runny nose, nothing else was it's just a case of a bad cold.

And he added:
" A treated cold takes a week , and
An untreated cold takes 7 days to recover."

So, looks like there is nothing I can do, except to give her more paracetamol, to relieve her of her discomfort, and wait the 7 days out! Looks like not only was it a long weekend, its going to be another long week......with a sick child at home!


FireHorse said...

I hope she feels better soon. Drink more fluids even if she cannot eat it's ok. Fresh oranges loaded with Vit C is good too, if you can make orange juice for her.

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks firehorse. Have been giving her loads of fluid. M-i-l wont let me give her orange juice as she is coughing too. She says it causes phlegm.