Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I have been tagged by Motts. I am a virgin at this tag game so got to think very, very hard.

But first, the 5 things that hubby does that pisses me off.... (before I get to that reversed tag thingy) - got to get this off my chest, la!

1. Taking refuge in the loo....esp when the kids are fighting and someone has to be the bad person. His response is: I have a tummy ache, and you will find him there reading....

2. Giving in (or rather bribing) the kids to get them to behave. "Here, D, Papa turn on the TV for you, but you must eat your dinner OK?" Guess what? Now when she wants the TV she refuses to eat her dinner!!!

3. Hiding in the study and playing computer games or surfing the net, and I am alone downstairs struggling with the 3 kids.

4. Picking out the spring onions from his food. Now my kids expect me to do the same with theirs, coz if Papa wont eat it, neither will they!

5. Forgetting his house keys when he goes out with his friends. It is bad enough that I am home taking care of the kids, I still have to take care of him when he is out!! And it happens everytime!

Now for the reverse Tag : 5 things I do that pisses my spouse off:

1. Shouting at the kids. He really hates it when I shout at the kids, especially when he is home after a hard day at work. He just likes it to be nice and tranquil. Not my fault, ah, kids fault, hor? If they are good, I dont have to shout, right?

2. When I speed when driving. His utmost concern is safety, and me with my heavy foot - sure pisses him off!

3. When I am on the phone, and the kids are fighting, because then he cant scoot off to his place of refuge and has to deal with them.

4. When I am on the phone for too long with my best friend M. His response is usually: Why do you 2 always have so much to talk!!

5. When I call his good friend PH, his "girlfriend". Why do I call him that? Because this guy, always calls him - even while he is away on vacation with his family, and when he returns, hubby is the first person he calls.

2nd tag: 5 things I did that conned my spouse into marrying me

1. By going away with him when he went to further his studies. I changed jobs just to go with him, and did everything for, laundry, cleaning, cut his hair, etc...but he had to chauffeur me around in return.

2. By being good friends with his parents.

3. By getting my colleague to type his thesis for him.

4. By remembering to tell the uncle to leave out the spring onions when ordering his food for him at the hawker stall.

5. By wearing his favourite colour when going out with him.

There! Finished it.


eastcoastlife said...

You're not a bad wife lah! Good already......., or is there any hidden truth not declared? hahaha....

You should use a hyperlink to mott's blog. Use the Edit panel.

stay-at-home mum said...

I am not a techie, so having managed to start this blog is already quite an achievement. Dont know how to hyperlink, leh?
But will try, ok?

FireHorse said...

OOOooo *slowly walk away blushing* I am der wan oso hide in toilet wan.

stay-at-home mum said...

never mind, you are not my hubby. so you can hide there if you want. ;)

stay-at-home mum said...


I did it! I did it! Yeah! I managed to hyperlink!!

eastcoastlife said...

stay-at-home mum,
Yeah!!! Hi-5! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging!

mott said...


thank you thank you!!!!

so honoured you obliged to do this tag!!!!

eh..tell your hub la..don't read in the loo....he might get haemarroids later in life (like my dad)...very painful one!!!!!! ;-)

stay-at-home mum said...

Told him many times, but guess he cant change. Thats his hiding place. I have learnt to live with it, tho' it pisses me off.