Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Those Telemarketeers...Bah!

I get really annoyed by telemarketeers. I have been getting so many calls from them recently. Somebody must have been selling my data, and I dont like it, because quite a few of them lie, and will not take "NO" for an answer. What annoys me most is that they call me on my mobile, and I have to pay for the calls (I do not have free incoming calls!!)

I had one from this company called Body Language something.... The call went something like this: TM: Hello, can I speak to Ms.....
Me: Speaking
TM: I am from Body Language...(did not quite catch the full name of the company)..
Would you be...
Me: (Cutting him off mid sentence).. Sorry, but if you are trying to sell me something, I am not interested.
TM: Why! I havent even told you about it.
Me: I am not interested in buying anything at the moment.
TM: But you haven't even heard about it. Why aren't you giving me a chance?
Me: I am busy and am not interested. I do not wish to be disturbed
TM: What's the matter with you...
Me: (I hang up)

Guess what! He called again half an hour later. How do i know? I have caller ID and its from the same number. I hear his voice and I hang up. This happens like 3 to 4 times a day, everyday for about 2 weeks, . It is either a man or a lady, calling from the same number or an unlisted number.

I really felt like doing a "calvin" on him. hee!hee!

Yesterday, I had another telemarketeer call me. The call went like this:

TM: Hello, can I speak to Ms....(uses my full name!)
Me: Yes
TM: Hi ..(short form of my name - ).. ( I did not even know that we were friends and who gave him the right to call me by that name, we are not pals, you know!...PMS setting in, I think!) I am calling on behalf of ABN Amro bank. We are offering you a credit card , and there will be no fees payable for it. They will all be waived. (not his exact words, but he said something to that effect.)
Me: (interupting) Great! Finally someone giving a poor unemployed person something for free! When can I get it?
TM: Uuh, you are not working?
Me: Have not been for the last 8 years. So when can I get the free card. Cant wait to charge to it. There are so many things that I want to buy
TM: Uuh, Sorry, if you are not working we cant offer it to you.
Me: But you told me I could have it for free. Please dont waste my time if you are not letting me have it for free.
TM: Sorry, ah. (Hangs up)

Yes!! I was in a slightly better mood yesterday. He managed to talk to me for some 2 minutes. Most of the other times when I hear that it is a TM on the other end, I just say not interested and hang up.

I know, they are trying to do a job. But from my experience with that Body Language company, I dont even want to give them the chance to talk to me. Not only was he rude, he refused to accept that I was not interested in his product! What do you do when they call?


eastcoastlife said...

argggh.... I get these calls too. So much so that I seldom switch on my handphone.

I even get telemarketers calling from oversea. They are so capable hor!

I understand they are doing their jobs but can they give us a choice.

FireHorse said...

One time a telemarketer called and asked if Mr FH was interested in a time share. He said "No" and guess what the telemarketer said "Of course you are", Mr FH yelled "I said NO", the TM said "Yes you are". Shessh these people.

stay-at-home mum said...

Guess, we cant beat them, so we just have to put up with them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! They are pesky!