Friday, May 11, 2007

Moving on in life......

This is about my very, very good friend M. M is godmother to my 2 daughters, single and working in Malaysia. M called me last week to say that she had told her boss that she was ready to move on from her current job.

M has been working in Malaysia for the last 4 years. She was first with the Singapore company, doing very well, but unfortunately, could not be promoted as there was no vacancy - her immediate boss was not moving out!!. When an opening came up in Malaysia, they asked her if she would like to move over, and she agreed immediately. They transferred her over with full expat status, providing her with accomodation in a 5 star service apartment and a company car, and the option to come home every weekend on company expense. When she first started working in Malaysia, it was really tough. Being new, she was eyed with suspicion, and was the subject of office politics. However, being the capable young woman that she was, she let her work shine, and manage to win over friends, and was highly regarded by many in the office (except for a few nasties!!) She used to come back quite regularly (almost every weekend), but now having made lots of new friends there, she is hardly home!!

Now, she feels ready to move on, and we are all behind her. The best part is that when her boss heard of her decision, he did not want to lose a good employee and offered her a transfer to one of the company's other offices . The choice was hers to pick - Geneva, Canada or Australia!

Much as I would love her to be working near by, (she is my confidant, consoler, counsellor, sometimes babysitter), I think it is also time for her to seize the opportunities as they come knocking at her door. You dont get offered a golden tray of goodies to choose from everyday. Also in respect of personal safety, she should move on, coz everytime we hear or read about an "incident" in Malaysia, I say a little prayer for her safety.

I am just so happy that this opportunity is available for her. It is time for her to move on....

M - if you are reading this - Go for it. We are behind you, where ever you choose to go. We know you will succeed anywhere you go. We will miss having you visit on a regular basis, but we can always keep in touch thru' other ways. May all your dreams and aspirations come true, and may a tall dark, handsome guy, come into your life and choose to be my daughters' godfather! God Bless! Happy Mothers day Godma!!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Your friend is very lucky indeed. mentioned "incident"...what do you mean? robbery? I guess one should always stay alert no matter which country you are in ;)

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for popping by, mommy to chumsy.
You are right, we should always be alert. but too many horror stories in malaysia - not only robbery - murder, rape, etc. In fact, one of her fellow ladies living in the same 5 star service apt block got robbed at its door step, just last sunday. Scary isnt it? Sigh!