Friday, May 18, 2007

Tagged again!!

Oh no! Tagged again! This time, I got tagged by eastcoastlife. She wants to know why we chose the names for our children. So here goes...

My kids names are.... heeheehee, I am not going to tell you, but will tell you their meanings, later you can guess what their names are:

Oldest child - "S" - daughter - Hubby and I were cracking our heads on what to name her. Bought a baby names book. Shortlisted a few. We had her after 6 years of marriage, and one miscarriage, and two years of trying. Super precious. Only the best name will do. Also got to be named after a saint or the church may not allow it. One of those selected was Bernice , meaning "bringer of victory" - for us it meant victory as we thot we were going to end up "childless". After much consideration, we decided No, no, no. Hubby decided on a name that means "princess". I thot if she princess, then I am her slave...chiak lat, ah. so I said no, no. Very important that she must be a gracious person. so we named her "Princess gracious".

Second Child - "N" - a Son - our Princess daughter, not very sociable - maybe because we were over protective. So we decided, son must be a people person. Found a few names (sorry cant remember what they are now - age catching up). Shortlisted to 2 - gave it to "Princess Gracious" to do final selection. She chose "Victory to the People" for her little brother. We decided to let her have the final decision because we thought that if she had a "stake" there would be more sibling bonding..

Third child - "D" another daughter - this posed a big headache. Wanted a name that either started with the same letter as big sister, or rhymed with big sister's. Soooooo difficult. I know we shortlisted 2. One was Carol-Ann, as she was supposed to be born on 5 Jan, the 12th day of christmas, but we were told she was going to come early, so we thot, maybe Christmas baby. Can't remember what the other short-listed name was (told you I was getting old, and that was barely 3 years ago.) Gave names to "Victory to the people" to decide on final name. (Big Sister got to name him, so he gets to name his younger sibling). Guess what? He told us he did not like both names, and wanted to name her "Gift of God". We did not know the meaning of this name he gave, so it was back to the baby book. When we found out that it meant "Gift of God" (which she really is, since she was totally unplanned for,and people this age usually find it extremely difficult to get pregnant), AND it rhymed with Big sisters first name (Princess) - we agreed to it. We were quite grateful he did not insist on "spongebob" as the name.

So that was how our kids were named. Can you guess what their names are?

To all reading this, dont tag me anymore this week, la. I have other things I want to blog about, but no time. I have only time to do one article for the blog at most during a day!


mumsgather said...

Hi there,
I'm just dropping by to tell you thank you for your comment on my blog which I accidentally deleted as spam. *slaps forehead*. Thanks for dropping by with some encouragement. I'm a SAHM too by the way. :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Mumsgather

We can chit chat and share stories and experiences on the net. Thanks for coming by.

mott said... DON"T have to do the tag ASAP!!! You can always write when you have the time!!!!

btw..i'm not going to guess. I'm so bad at guessing your children will feel insulted!

papajoneh said...

coming from Mott's blog and was told by Sasha that you all are friends. So here I am. Hi and Nice to know you. ;)
OK, won't bother u more. Cya later :)

stay-at-home mum said...

Dear Papajoneh

Thanks for popping by. Do visit when you are free. Glad to have another friend.


stay-at-home mum said...

Hey Mott
No harm guessing. It's just for fun anyway.

eastcoastlife said...

Hi stay-at-home mum
Thanks for doing the meme.

You and hubby really spend much effort choosing names for your kids huh. So meaningful!

I'm ashamed to tell my son, I choose his name because it is unique. :P

stay-at-home mum said...

Dont be ashamed. you went thru lots of trouble to find unique name for your son. Our kids name are actually quite common names.