Saturday, September 15, 2007

How old is old?

My daughter S, who is 11, thinks being 20 is old.

I was once relating a story to my Dad, about this "old" man that I had met. At the end of the story, my dad asked me - "So, how old is this old man?"
I answered - "I dont know. Probably about 60."
Dad: "That's not old!!"
That was when I realised that my dad was about the same age as that man, and to him 60 was definitely NOT old.

When my dad travelled to the US on vacation 20 years ago(he had just turned 55, and that was the retirement age in Singapore at that time), he related to me that there were lots of places that offered senior citizen discounts there. As he had just received his "senior citizen card", he was only too happy to be able to enjoy the discount. He told me that whenever he asked for the discount, the counter staff always told him that he was too young to get it. On one occassion, he whipped out his card for the counter girl, and looking at his age, she told him: "Here in the US, our people are only entering university at that age!" However, since he had his card, they graciously gave him the discount.

I guess it is all relative. I remember when I was young, I thought 30+ was old. Now that I am in my 40s, hey, 50 is still young! My daughter is amazed that my dad can live till such an "Old" age - 76. But to him - he is not OLD!

Age is after all just a number!


NomadicMom said...

Tell me about it. My younger sisters actually regard me as "OVER the hill"! I definitely still think I am very young!!!

bp said...

Haha! Forever young at heart is best! I always say I'm 35 going on (I wish only) 26! ;p

Judy said...

Hahaha, this reminds me of my ex-boss's son who was then 8 years old (1985). He came into the office and asked one of his dad's employee who was then about 40 if she had been in world war 2 just by looking at her face.

iml said...

It's all in the mind. Most women are discovering their new found independance at 60 while men are getting into their 2nd marriage.

Kelly Mahoney said...

I asked the four year old I babysit for how old she thought I was and she said 36. I'm 22.

tigerfish said...

So cherish every age-stage we are in...coz any day, we may be considered old even when we are 20!
To a 30+, I think being 20 is young but to a teen, 20 is old. It's all about being relative.

mott said...

well.... I think when you're young, everyone else is old. That's what I thought when I was a kid.