Thursday, September 13, 2007


Months come and go.
Time flies.
Dates and Events to remember.
September is a month that brings back lots of memories.
In 1982, my nephew - the first grandchild in my family - was born.
In 1985, on my convocation day, my sister delivered her second child, a girl.
In 1991, on the day before my nephew's birthday, my paternal grandmother returned to the Lord at the age of 91.
September also sees us celebrating my Father-in-laws birthday.
It is also the month of the Mid-Autumn festival, a day which my children look forward to.
September 11 is also the day of the worst terrorist attack the world had seen. I especially remember the Twin Towers, as that was the place I frequented on a regular basis when I was living in New York. I have yet to return to Ground Zero.

Good times, bad times, we remember them all.


Kelly Mahoney said...

I was just thinking about how fast time moves that it's already September.

FireHorse said...

Yes we do indeed remember them all.

bp said...

Time... tricky one, it's THE one thing we can't get back.

But yes, the good times to cherish, and celebrate, and more time for healing please. It must be hard for you, having lived in NY then.

Judy said...

Amen! Through the bad times, we also remember the good times. Cherish the memories of our precious ones and pray for those hurting.

In all these, God's plans are perfect.

Have a blessed weekend.

tigerfish said...

I'm worried...I can't remember most of the events :O

iml said...

Indeed months go by as soon as they start. Especially when you have school going children.