Monday, September 10, 2007

Pasar Malam At the National Museum

The National History Musuem had a pasar malam night on its grounds from 7 to 9 sept 2007. So we decided to bring the kids on Saturday night as we thought it would be interesting for them. Before we left, the kids asked: "Will we be allowed to buy things?" So we said yes, and they happily took some of their savings along. Except for little D, who does not have an allowance. So hubby gave her $2 which she kept in the back pocket of her jeans.

There were lots of food stalls selling tit bits (Some of which I felt should not be there!) Those that interested the children were the kacang puteh stall and the candy floss stall. There were also stalls featuring games from days yonder like five stones, gasing, sepak takraw, snap, old maid, and the hula hoop. There was also a caricaturist who drew with two hands! He was really amazing finishing each caricature in under two minutes!! And the best part - it was for free. Wait time was more than half an hour, though.

When we were there, S, bought a handphone strap. N bought a dough figurine mouse, just like Remy from Ratatouille. Little D wanted a piece of the action too! She walked up to the uncle manning the dough figurine stall and said she wanted a dog. The kind man picked up all the different types of dogs that he had and displayed them all in front of her. She looked carefully and chose one. Confidently, she pulled out the $2 from her back pocket and paid it to the Uncle. Uncle was stunned. He did not know what to do. He did not want to spoil the experience for her, I think.(Isn't he such a dear!). The dough figurine costs $5, not $2. He actually let her walk away with it. (I was observing all this from a distance). I then went and paid him the difference, and thanked him for allowing my daughter her first experience of buying something on her own.

When we got home, Little D came up to me and said: "Mummy, I had a fun time just now." I guess that sums up our Saturday night out!


Kelly Mahoney said...

What a nice guy, not spoiling a big night. I don't know how young D is, but she still has plenty of time left to learn the value of money.

mott said...

sounds more like a funfair, than a pasar malam..HA HA HA!!! Good experience for lil D, eh?

eastcoastlife said...

awwww.... what a sweet man! He must have brightened lil D's day that night.

My Jaymes wasn't that lucky to meet nice people like that Uncle. He had several bad experiences with vendors and I had to confront them later.

The photo-copy shops in Katong Shopping centres display 3cents per copy but when young kids patronise them, they charge 5 cents per piece. I had used their services often and they charged me 3 cents each even for 30 copies.

Jaymes once paid $4.50 for 3 sets of test papers. It wiped out his pocket money for that day and he couldn't have his recess and lunch
that day. He had remedial lesson that morning. He came back very hungry after school at 7.30pm. he was 10 then.

I went down to confront the Boss of the photo-copy shop. He insisted it was 5 cents for less than 100 copies. He even argued that he had actually gave my son 30 cents discount because he had only $4.50 then.

I never went back to him again because he didn't care that the young child wouldn't have money to eat after paying extra for the photocopy services.

i seldom see businessmen who have a heart for the young, the elderly and the less fortunate these days.

bp said...

Glad you had a wonderful night out with the kids!

So nice of Uncle to let D have the doggie for much less dough, and it's nice of you too, to follow up with him from there ... you watching D from a distance, letting her go, but you're right there when you're needed =)

NomadicMom said...

Sounds fun! NEver been to any pasar malam over here... don't think I dare to buy food from the stalls also lah

Victor said...

Ah... a journey into the past although I doubt the kids experienced any sense of nostalgia. It would have been better if they could keep to 1960's prices though.

tigerfish said...

Most "uncles" or "aunties" would have soften their hearts for kids :)
For once, I wish I was a kid again and enjoy these privileges :)

Judy said...

Sounds really interesting, first I've heard of pasar malan at the National Museum.

Hahaha, so the trick is if you want to pay so much (or so little in this case) for something, just send you child with the money and act ignorant.

I think it was very kind and sensitive of the uncle to let your daughter walk away with the toy. He has just made her day and what is more rewarding than that?

Victor said...

Reminds me of the Visa advertisement in which Richard Gere was featured. The little girl had enough money to buy only one bird to set free but Richard chipped in secretly to help her set free a whole cage of birds.