Friday, September 7, 2007

I remember Pavarotti

A friday, Winter 1992, New York City.

Hubby: We are having dinner in an Italian Restaurant followed by an Opera at Lincoln Centre

Me: Can I pass?
(I dont particularly enjoy Italian food, nor operas, and it was a very cold winter day)

Hubby: I already said you would come. Be ready by 6pm.

6pm - Black Limo pulls up at our doorstep to pick hubby and me. Traffic was heavy, as always on friday evenings in NYC. We were deposited at the front of an Italian restaurant just across the street from Lincoln Centre

Food was heavy, service was slow, portions were enormous, like in all American eateries, and I was struggling to finish the food. Finally managed to finish our meal before 8pm. Crossed the road, and got into our seats just as the lights were being dimmed and the curtains raised. No time to read the programme. Dont even know the name of the Opera we were watching.

After about half an hour, I still did not know what was going on. The opera was in Italian, the dinner was getting to my stomach, my eyelids were getting heavy. Rummaged through my purse for those toothpicks. There were none. How am I going to prop my eyelids open??

I struggled. Must not embarrass hubby. Here we were in the best box seats, and we were being entertained by hubby's business associate. My eyes were struggling to keep open. Not sure how long they were closed for, but I was awaken by this thunderous applause and the lights came on.

It was the intermission. I hurriedly excused myself. Rushed to the Ladies to freshen up. Came back to my seat and read the synopsis of the Opera. Oh! we were watching Tosca, and this was the only performance that Pavarotti the Great, was performing the lead. Must put in all efforts not to doze off again. After the break, noticed that there were subtitles!! On the wall at the side. So, I can now understand what's going on. Maybe that will help me keep awake.

Fortunately, I managed to enjoy what was left of the performance. Audience came prepared. At the end, roses were thrown on stage for the Great tenor. There was a standing ovation. 3 curtain calls. It was a Great Performance. That was my only chance to watch this outstanding performer, and I slept thru half of it.

Yesterday he returned to his Maker. May his soul rest in peace.


Kelly Mahoney said...

Sounds like quite the evening. At least you could enjoy part of it.

keeyit said...

Nice memories.

May his soul rest in peace.

Sweetpea said...

much as i like some operas, LP was too classical for me. but there's no denying he's got the greatest voice.

iml said...

I am classified under uncultured. I just do not know how to appreciate Opera. However I think Andrea Bocelli is cool.

eastcoastlife said...

I probably would have done the same, sleep during the performance. ish.

Judy said...

I watched the Three Tenors performed open air in Italy and I said to my husband, we must go for one of their concerts.

Well, needless to day, that won't happen now.

Pavarotti did lead a good life, achieved all he wanted and enjoy all he did.

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

OH I am JEALOUS! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Victor said...

A great tribute from someone who is obviously no big opera fan. Neither am I. The opera singers' voices are great but I also do not know how to appreciate them. And their looks? A radio advertisement recently said (I need to re-emphasize that these are not my words) - they look like sacks of potatoes.